Watchtower Conspiracies and Mind Control-
Hosted by "Former Jehovah's Witness Dianne"
The Watchtower Society is an esoteric Organization, and are doing everything in their power to hide their secrets. Dianne dares to go where others will not go. "Get your tinfoil hats on" and be ready to listen to things you may have never heard before. You may totally agree or totally disagree with the subjects discussed on this program but one thing is certain....... Dianne will reveal the darkest secrets of The Watchtower.

DISCLAIMER: The thoughts and opinions expressed in this program from the hosts, guests and callers are not necessarily those of the "Six Screens of the Watchtower".

Call (712) 432-8710. When asked for pin number use #9925. It's easy to participate. When you come into the conference, you may have to hit *1 to unmute yourself.

Watchtower Conspiracies and Mind Control Conference Call Archives 2012
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Rick fills in as host

Satan entering the churches