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The Voice of the Warriors-
Hosted by former Jehovah's Witness Susan Greene

Former pioneer Jehovah's Witness Susan Greene, a northeastern woman with good old fashion values has no problems exposing the evils in the Watchtower Organization. Susan's rallying point, focuses on helping victims suffering from abusive relationships, child molestation and other destructive life events and transforming them into warriors.

The conference calls are undoubtedly helping Jehovah's Witnesses to see the real truth, not to mention all those who have left the Organization and enjoy participation on our calls. The hosts would love to get your feelings and thoughts on the programs, good or bad in an attempt to improve them and help more people who have been 'touched by the tentacles of The Watchtower" Click on contact, in the top left of this page. Thank you..... Rick Fearon

DISCLAIMER: The thoughts and opinions expressed in this program from the guests and callers are not necessarily those of the "Six Screens of the Watchtower".

Call (712) 432-8710. When asked for pin number use #9925. It's easy to participate. When you come into the conference, you may have to hit *1 to unmute yourself.

The Voice of the Warriors Conference Call Archives 2012
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4-6-2013 Program
This captivating call earned the Six Screens Gold Star presentation award.
Susan's guest Marlanda Yarber, was raised by Jehovah's Witnesses, she endured being raped and molested by her step father Find out how she got her freedom.

"Sister Secrets" Three former Jehovah's Witness sister talk about the terrible abuse the suffered while growing up in The Watchtower.

Susan interviews former Jehovah's Witness, Merna Harrington author of "Abuse is no accident it's definitely on purpose". Listen to the unadulterated truth about abusive relationships.

Susan interviews a battered former Jehovah's Witness man. Tom's abusive wife caused many problems and he now wants to speak up and talk about it.