Six Screens Of The Watchtower Telenetwork Broadcast World Wide. We now have 3 ways you can join us.
1. You can dial in via your telephone (712)432-8710 When prompted dial 9925. Have a comment would like to talk with us press *1 to unmute yourself

2.You can also join us in the Six Screens Video Suite. Click here to Join the Six Screens Video Suite A new tab will open and you will be asked to enter a username, you may use any name you would like. Then click the sign in button and it will bring you to our video suite. (Please Note when you join the suite you will be able to see and hear us however we cannot see and hear you unless you want to be seen and/or heard).

Six Screens Conference is every Saturday night at 5:30PM EDT. CALL (712) 432-8710 AND WHEN ASKED FOR PIN USE 9925.
Every other Sunday our telephone lines open up at 1PM EDT.
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The conference calls are undoubtedly helping Jehovah's Witnesses to see the real truth, not to mention all those who have left the Organization and enjoy participation on our calls. The hosts would love to get your feelings and thoughts on the programs, good or bad in an attempt to improve them and help more people who have been 'touched by the tentacles of The Watchtower" Click on contact, in the top left of this page. Thank you..... Rick Fearon