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Six Screens of the Watchtower-
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The first and most popular program, Six Screens of the Watchtower Conference Call is the hub of all the latest in the Watchtower World.

The conference calls are undoubtedly helping Jehovah's Witnesses to see the real truth, not to mention all those who have left the Organization and enjoy participation on our calls. Only through your support we are able to continue the conference calls and have them available in the archives. We appreciate any donations you can make. Thank you so much.

Conference begins at 6:30PM EDT.

DISCLAIMER: The thoughts and opinions expressed in this program from the hosts, guests and callers are not necessarily those of the "Six Screens of the Watchtower".

The conference call takes place every two weeks on Saturday night at 7PM EST. Call (712) 432-8710. When asked for pin number use #9925. It's easy to participate. When you come into the conference, you may have to hit *1 to unmute yourself.

Six Screens Conference Call Archives 2011 - 2014
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6-27-2015 First Edition

6-27-2015 Second Edition





3-14-2015 Second Edition







Second Edition


First Edition 9-20-2014

Second Edition9-20-2014




Rick interviews former Special Pioneer Susan from California

Four guests from different parts of USA come in to tell how they have been touched adversly from the Watchtower


Rick Fearon talks about the Apostate Explosion on face book and interviews Craig Perry Mason Stevens, Founder of Ex - Witness face book group ... Paws (PAWS) (PEOPLE AGAINST THE WATCHTOWER SOCIETY)

Two former Jehovah's Witness woman come forward and tell their stories of abuse while in the Watchtower

Guest former JW Pioneer from Kansas City MO. Reese from Occuklt Connectioins also calls in

11-23-2013 First Program
Six Screens Technician, speaks up from his hospital room.

11-23-2013 Second Program
What do Jehovah's Witnesses do on Thanksgiving?

Ricks gives his speech about freedom of speech on the Six Screens

Guest Melissa Dougherty

Guest is Gregorio Smith Director of Truth Be Told Documentary

Rape victim traumatized by the Watchtower

Mayhem in the Watchtower

Rick discusses his trip to Bethel

Host, Rick Fearon interviews former Jehovah's Witness Gregorio Smith

"Sister Secrets"

News Years Party Also guest Brian Garcia

Top Stories

Guests Dr.James Penton

Guests James Penton & Kathleen Conti

Guests Susan Greene

Guests Barbara Anderson, Eric Greseharper & Bill Bowen

Guest Kathleen Conti and her daughter Candice Conti speak up on the on going lawsuit against The Watchtower Organization for covering up a child molester. Also Adele R. Fors, author of her new book called: "Jehovah's Witnesses Hells Angels, Serial killers Dissociative Identity Disorder And a 14 year old Run-Away". The victim of a callous sexual assault by an unknown male at the age of 13, she was disfellowshipped the following year and ostracized from her entire family system--though she was not a baptized member. Her young life quickly fell into wide-spread disarray and dysfunction as mental illness, addiction and abusive relationships became her tragic way of life. With disturbing detail, Adele R. Fors reveals the complex inner architecture of this mind-bending religious movement that allows for the systematic abuse and suppression of devotees, including her very own family members.

Rick interviews Alex from Florida

Rick interviews Candace Conti and her mother Kathleen. Candace Conti, 26, recently won a huge court battle against the world headquarters of the Jehovah's Witnesses, the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York. Her lawsuit alleged that the organization allowed her to be molested because of a secrecy policy about child abuse within the church. “Nothing was going to get accomplished if it was kept silent,” she said of her case. Candace says the abuse began when she was 9 years old, distributing Bibles door to door with a fellow churchgoer, a loud, hulking man named Jonathan Kendrick.

Rick interviews Louis a former Jehovahs Witness who has had many problems due to being raised as a Jehovah's Witness

Discussion regarding the California lawsuit against The Watchtower Organization.

Class action lawsuit discussion. The First Amendment (freedom of religion) has always been on the Watchtower's side in stopping class action lawsuits against them; a stunning new twist has emerged that may open up the flood gates for scores of new lawsuits.

Our guest is former JW Joe Hewitt, author of the new book "Rescuing Slaves of the Watchtower". His book suggests how friends and family can best respond to someone who is a victim of the Watchtower. Joe shares do’s and dont's to remember when talking with Watchtower members and stresses that love and compassion are the keys to releasing a Jehovah’s Witness from the Watchtower’s “prison of the mind”. The book is a compelling personal story and a well-researched documentary of what really occurs within the Watchtower Society.

Father Elders going mad. Our guest is Wendy Lee Tucker, former JW whose father was an elder and terribly abused her physically and emotionally. She received horrific beatings; she was hit with a bat, punched at, received a broken nose and became a prisoner in her home. Wendy was locked in her room with the doors nailed shut when the family went off to the Kingdom Hall. A far cry from a "Spiritual Paradise".

Disfellowshipped at 14 years old, Nicole tells her tragic story of being involved with the Jehovah's Witnesses. Also "Jonny the Bethelite" talks about the layoffs of many Bethelites and the Watchtower moving out of Brooklyn, NY.

Is the Watchtower a charitable organization? Former Witness Deb speaks up about the horrific problems she encountered in the Watchtower Organization.

Deliberately pregnant to get disfellowshipped! Elder father offers 30K for baby! Former Jehovah's witness Carrie was not happy growing up in the so called "truth". The rules, the meetings and field service was just becoming too much and she wanted out. Carrie deliberately got pregnant out of wedlock to become disfellowshipped; she wanted to be kicked out of the organization. Her elder father was ashamed and disgraced that his daughter no longer wanted to follow Jehovah (the Organization.) Evidently, Carrie's father felt he did not do his job in raising Carrie. To prove to the congregation that he could raise a child to be committed and devoted to the Organization, he offered to buy Carrie's child for 30K and raise the child as a commited Jehovah's Witness.


Also on the program is our first contestant for our up and coming program coming this fall called "Apostates' Got Talent". Ben Brady sings "Bye Bye to the Watchtower Lie", to the tune of "Bye, Bye Miss American Pie".

"Bye Bye to the Watchtower Lie"

"Apostates' Got Talent". Many former Jehovah's Witnesses have unbridled talent like acting, dancing, singing, comic acts and more. As active Jehovah's Witnesses ones capacity for creative achievement was inhibited. In an effort to unleach the hidden endownments of former Jehovah's Witnesses, The Six Screens Telenetwork is launching a new program for the fall of 2011. " Apostates Got Talent. "

Protesting: Does it really work? Guest Jean Phillippe talks about protests in Canada.

"Sexual Paradise". This term is being used to describe the sexual arena that now exists within The Watchtower Organization. It is pubic knowledge that high control groups are saturated with alarming reports of excessively licentious sex. The Watchtower Society is being publicly embarrassed as the flow of unrelenting atrocities are now being revealed. Adultery, wife swapping, rape, child molestation and homosexuality are at uncontrollable levels!

Our guest on the call is Mark Palo. Palo was featured on for being allegedly raped as a young witness by a Governing Body member. Mark discusses the rape and identifies who the perpetrator was.

PLEASE BE ADVISED! At times during the call a group of phone pranksters can be heard using vulgar language. We are sorry that this happens and we do not support profanity on our conference calls.

"Publishing Cult" (REAL NAME BEING PROTECTED) claims that "Jonny the Bethelite" is a fraud and wants to expose it all as a hoax.

Also on the call, Candy Lopitz author of the newly released book "Spiritual Battery". "Spiritual Battery" investigates religious cults from a theological as well as from a psychological and sociological perspective. It includes relevant information designed to help cult survivors and their supporters understand cult-related issues that frequently impact survivors’ recoveries. It further challenges the practices and theological heresies of some of America’s largest and best-known cults. This book is a must have for any cult survivor, Pastor or Christian.

Former Jehovah's Witness and Watchtower historian Barbara Anderson discusses the Victoria (Australian) Government and how they introduced mandatory child protection laws to help protect children from sexual or physical harm. It is an offense to knowingly engage in or engage someone in “child-related work” without them having passed a "Working With Children Check". The deadline for compliance by "religious organizations" was 1 July 2008. The Watchtower Society refused to comply. If they do not comply they will be facing criminal charges and indictment. The call is a whopping 12 hours long, so, for all of you die-hards, here you go.


Also on the call, "Jonny the Bethelite" returned. The player below plays the clip with Jonny.


A former Jehovah's Witness who only now, after 20 years, comes forward and tells her story of a horrible sexual molestation of a child in her congregation. The elders were aware of this and they "covered it up" as to not bring reproach on Jehovah's Organization.

Also on the call, a new Witness who is appauled with the Watchtower Organization for their involvement with the UN. She recently gave them her letter of disassociation, wait till you hear what she wrote!

We will also be discussing the sentencing of Delroy Grant, "The Night Stalker". Grant is the infamous Jehovah's Witness who molested hundreds of women.

The evils and false teachings found throughout Watchtower literature are clearly evident. Sexually perverted and disgusting imagery within the Watchtower Organization was discussed on the call. The Max Klinger artwork used for the "Creation" publication is just outright bizarre. To see the image,
click here

A roaring current of change..... What is going on at the world headquarters of the Jehovah's Witnesses? In the last couple of years unprecedented changes in policy, procedure, and doctrine have been coming forth in rapid fire sequence. This uninterrupted episode of new information is beginning to backfire for the rank and file Witnesses; too much, too quick! Bethelites are being sent home, branch printing departments are closing down, Kingdom Halls are "compressing", Watchtower big wigs are selling off real estate, Circuit Overseers are being deleted, Tuesday night book studies are gone, Memorial partakers are increasing, change in who the "generation" is, the 1930's are no longer the cut off date for being anointed. Could these things be the reason why so many elders are stepping down? More and more active Witnesses are now posting on the Internet and joining us on the conference call.
Also on the call will be Martin from London and Susan G. from Ohio with their stories to tell.

The subject of rape in the Watchtower Organization. The position the Jehovah's Witnesses take on this subject is shocking!

Also on the call, Jonny the mystery Bethelite returned and spent two hours sharing his thoughts on the evils of the Watchtower Organization

Top Ten stories in the Watchtower Organization for 2010.

The Return of "Jonny the Bethelite". Some say Jonny is making this whole thing up. Is Johnny for real? Is what he said factual?

This call is 12 hours long, wow. Jonny comes in at about 10 hours in.

MUST HEAR CALL! Active Brooklyn NY. Bethelite who is hiding in a closet at Bethel with a cellphone, calls in and exposes the evils of the Watchtower Organization.

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