Six Screens Conference Call Archives 2010
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It's our annual Christmas show! Many former as well as active Jehovah's Witnesses call in from all over the world andyou will be thrilled to hear what they say concerning Christmas and the Jehovah's Witnesses. Do many Jehovah's Witnesses secretly celebrate Christmas? Further, how about former Jehovah's Witnesses, how do they feel about celebrating Christmas?

We applaud the Brazilian government for investigating and accepting a complaint lodged by Mr. Sebastain Ramos regarding discrimination faced by ex-Jehovah's Witnesses. Which is a direction from the Watchtower Organization, an imposition upon those disfellowshipped and disassociated from others into a "social isolation". Sebastian and his fellow former Jehovah's Witnesses are making lots of headway in exposing the shunning policies of the Watchtower Organization. Also on the call is Douglas Smith author of the book:"The End is Nigh... Again! (But this time we really mean it!)"

Joan Cetnar, co-founder and organizer of the "Witnesses Now For Jesus" convention, will discuss the devastating fire that destroyed the main building of the Blue Mountain Christian Retreat in Pennsylvania on November 18th.

Former Jehovah's Witness, pioneer and Bethelite Jenea Soares is disgusted over how much money her parents gave to the Watchtower Organization.

As a Jehovah's Witness working in the blood dispensing unit in a Washington State hospital, Marlene Mercado learned much about blood fractions. Marlene is no longer one of Jehovah's Witnesses and is now speaking up on how foolish the blood policies are in the Watchtower Organization. "It doesn't make any sense", she says. If you are an active Witness you have got to listen to this conference call, it could save your life.

Extreme abuse within the Watchtower Organization is discussed. Former special pioneer Susan tells how the Watchtower adversely affected her life.

A Kingdom Hall in Menlo Park Calfornia is suing The Watchtower! Former Jehovah's Witness Special Pioneer Susan and her sister Barbara Ann are the guests. Susan and many others are now willing to speak up and tell us of the abuse that goes on "behind the curtains" of the Watchtower.

Many former Jehovah's Witnesses are now speaking out about what goes on "behind the curtains of the Watchtower Organization". Sexual harassment, wife swapping, stalking, kidnappings, rape, and alleged murders. A panel of former Jehovah's Witnesses are coming forward to give us an inside look at this massive cover-up. Lori, Ronaldo, and others are no longer fearing the Watchtower Organization, they are now ready to speak up!

Former Jehovah's Witness Jacqueline Fowler claims there are many Jehovah's Witnesses obsessed with sex. She states that the Watchtower Organization is a "sexual paradise". Jacqueline was a well known J.W. hair stylist and therapist who did business with many Witnesses at the world headquarters. The Jehovah's Witnesses are not in the "Spiritual Paradise" they think they are in! Also on the call we discussed many of the strange, weird and bizarre teachings in the Watchtower Organization.

For over one hundred years the Watchtower Organization has been "pulling the wool" over the eyes of its' members. The Jehovah's Witnesses believe they are in a "spiritual paradise" where everything is honest, true and in the open. Schemes, scandals, scams and cover-ups define the very organization they belong to. Many Jehovah's Witnesses are now seeing what the Watchtower Organization is hiding behind. Many of the most notorious scandals and cover-ups are discussed on the call.

The largest schism in Watchtower history involved the Bible Students in the 1920's and 30's. It was not so much that Bible Students "opposed" the work of the Society, the issue was the Bible Students and the Society were no longer in harmony doctrinally; the 3,000 or so who "dropped" out by 1918 eventually grew in the coming years. By 1930, seventy-five percent of the original Bible Students had abandoned the Society. The Bible Students, or "THE EVIL SLAVE" as the Jehovah's Witnesses refer to them as, are now coming back to haunt the Watchtower Organization.

It's been reported that book bags are being searched at the District Convention of Jehovah's Witnesses in Richmond Virginia! If this is true, what would the Watchtower Organization be looking for? Guns, explosives, apostate literature, recorders, who knows, but if this is taking place, the Watchtower Organization is paranoid. David W. is one of our guests on the call. David explains to us what he thinks they were looking for. Also on the call is "super apostate" Phineas Treptow of the vast apostate army and tells us about a documentary he is filming with help from V. The documentary interviews 100 former Jehovah's Witnesses and maybe you can participate.

What happened in Bonham, Texas? The body of elders and the majority of the congregation decided to leave the WatchTower Organization. And with that, they took the Kingdom Hall. The remaining Jehovah's Witnesses and the Society sued in court to recover the Kingdom Hall.

The Watchtower Organization now finds themselves in a major predicament and a very puzzling situation concerning the Spanish Jehovah's Witnesses. All through the 1980s-90s the organization put forth great efforts to attract the Hispanics. Many English speaking Jehovah's Witness servants were sent to Spanish speaking congregations to learn to speak the Spanish language and help their servant body. More Spanish literature was printed, and many assemblies and conventions were held for the Spanish only. The Watchtower's aggressive recruitment efforts are now backfiring and the organization is finding themselves in a crucial situation.

Many Spanish Witnesses are now feeling betrayed by the Watchtower and are "packing their bags". The Hispanics are very family oriented and so many are driven by emotion; they will not allow an organization to "split them up" and shun family members for not agreeing with the Watchtower. The organization "smells the trouble ahead" and recently The Governing Body announced that it is shutting down central American branches.

Our guests on the call are alias "Alex" who served in Bethel in a South American country and Jose Soto who recently left the Witnesses. You won't believe what is going on in the Spanish congregations including illegal immigration!

Remembering Ray Franz... This call focuses on the impact Ray Franz, a pioneer in uncovering Watchtower truths, has had on the lives of so many people. We all miss Ray, a man who stood courageously on the "front lines of truth". Special guest Barbara Anderson and Marilyn Zweifel of the 1- 800Why1914 Jehovah's Witness hotline will help us to remember Ray Franz who passed away this week.

The Watchtower Organization is now reporting to the media regarding their upcoming District Conventions about how wonderful they will be for the Witnesses; what a privilege it will be for the community to host them and even for the convention center janitors, as the Witnesses will be taking care of all the cleaning.

What the Watchtower media department isn't releasing is all of the bad press the Organization has been getting lately. Jehovah's Witness elder murdered in Oregon at the Kingdom Hall, 62 year old Anthony William Gray admitted to going to the Kingdom Hall because he knew children would be present, which gave him sexual gratification.

Also, fifteen year old devote Jehovah's Witness, Joshua McAuley who died this month for refusing a blood transfusion are just a few of the headlines the Organization doesn't want the Witnesses to see. Listen in as we discuss "murder and mayhem in Jehovah's spiritual paradise".

Author of the book "Captives of a Concept" Don Cameron is interviewed. Also on the call former Jehovah's Witness David Carter from Virginia passed away on May 3, 2010. David was a proxy for the U.S. Government. He claimed to have crucial evidence concerning the Watchtower Organization that would shortly be revealed. David disclosed to me some of the shocking details of what the Watchtower Organization would do to keep one from talking. We will be remembering David Carter and exposing the Watchtower Organization for the horrific problems he encountered by his association with the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Child molestation is running rampant in the Organization. Thousands of Jehovah's Witness children are being sexually abused. The Elders continue to hide the pedophiles and the congregation has no idea that predators are in their midst. One such victim, Emmy, has a big story to tell. Five members of her family were molested by the same man who during some of that time was an elder. Emmy's suffering led to self injury, cutting herself to ease the pent up emotional pain. She did give the Elders an ultimatum that by May 1, 2010 they come clean and stop hiding her molester or she will go to the proper authorities. Also on the call we discuss this year's Memorial attendance; early numbers are showing a significant drop from ten to thirty percent.

DISFELLOWSHIPPED FOR MASOCHISM! The Six Screens of the Watchtower conference call begins the first of a new series entitled "Extreme abuse in the Watchtower organization". Live in our studio will be Vietnam veteran and former ministerial servant Dick Borghi. After leaving the U.S. Marine Corps with P.T.S.D. post traumatic stress disorder, Dick was recruited into the Jehovah's Witnesses. Dick was attracted to them hoping they could provide comfort and healing to his troubled past. They aroused his interest by telling him that if all people were J.W.s there would be no more war. Dick was glad to hear that Jehovah was going to destroy all the evil in the world with his battle of Armageddon. Dick's involvement turned very ugly. He will tell you how the Witnesses pushed him to the edge. Attempted suicides, sexual immorality and eventually was disfellowshipped for masochism. Also on the call will be David Wetzler who also has a story of abuse from the Jehovah's Witnesses and he is not even a Witness.

The Watchtower organization is constantly preparing and practicing for their big show of illusion, and they never expose their secrets. Like magicians, the Watchtower Society puts forth considerable effort in the clever and manipulative preparation of their writings to present ingenious statements and masterful arrangements of misleadingpropositions. Secretly hidden in the writing department is the literary code to deliberately decive and hypnotize the naive reader. Some of these deceitful writing tricks that are deliberately implemented within Watchtower publications will be discussed in depth . Many mind controlling institutions utilize these cheap hypnotic writing tricks to convince loyal followers that they have the "truth". The Watchtower Society is a shining example of this. Guest will be Barbara Anderson. Barbara was a former Bethelite and wrote articles for the Watchtower Organization. Barbara is going to let us know what goes on in one of the most powerful departments in the Watchtower Society, the writing department.

The conference call for this week discusses real estate in the Watchtower. The Organization is selling off most of their properties in Brooklyn N.Y and raking in millions.The world headquaters of Jehovah's Witnesses is leaving Brooklyn and moving up state to Warwick, N. Y. Also on the call Cochise Pendelton former witness and author of the book "The Bible Verses The Watchtower" tells the callers what he knows.

Marriages ruined by The Watchtower Organization. Many couples have had their once happy marriages totally destroyed because of the controlling dictates of "Gods channel on earth, the Watchtower Org. Healthy marriages are reduced to nothing and restoration is next to impossible. Our guest on the "six screens of the Watchtower " conference call will be Nancy Mercier a 30 year J.W. whose marriage was adversely affected by the Watchtower Society. She will be speaking up on how her husband was changed by the Watchtower. Why does the Watchtower Society want to take charge of the marriage arrangement? Their ulterior motives are intentionally kept concealed in furnishing couples with orders and directions in their marriages. It's all about controll and domination! The Org. monopolizes the Witness marriages, they obtain exclusive possession of it. From what you do for recreation, entertainment, to who you associate with, how much time you spend in Witness activities, to even the mastery and authority of their "bedroom laws", how you behave intimately with your spouse in the privacy of your bedroom and they want you to tell all. The organization comes across as an all encompassing "marriage coach" guiding you and your spouse every step of the way in "spiritual paradise".

Witch Hunt for Apostates! The Watchtower Organization is very much aware of what is going on in their false religion. Too many Witnesses no longer believe their teachings to be Biblically correct. An intensive effort to discover disloyalty, subversion, and those causing divisions is now taking place. The Watchtower Organization is now at the breaking point. The new strategy is to hunt down the secret apostates and disfellowship them. Apostacy in the Watchtower Organization has gone viral. It appears this pandemic of disloyallty is quite prevalant in Europe. Recently four London Bethelites were disfellowshipped for apostacy. German Bethel branch archivists abruptly left the branch. One high ranking elder in France, Roberto is no longer a Jehovah's Witness! The "house of cards" will continue to topple as more Witnesses digest "new light" on the generation.

Former Witnesses now speaking up. Former Witness, Charles Faulkner is a city overseer and special committee investigator. Charles has informed us that he has information to share concerning the Watchtower Organization that many of us have never heard before.His story will expose the politics and inner workings of "God's channel on earth". Also on the call we will be playing the audio clip of a woman who claims she was molested by a Govering body member when she was a young girl.

2000-2009 "A Decade of Crisis for the Watchtower Organization!" This last decade proved to be very turbulent and potentially destructive to the Watchtower organization. The Jehovah's Witnesses now find themselves in a defensive mode. The beginning of this decade brought about monumental changes in their administrative business models. New corporations came into existence and for the first time none of the presidents, including the president of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Max Larson, are of the anointed class. The UN scandal was very embarrassing for the organization as well as the nationally televised Dateline program on child molestation brought "bad light" on "God's only true religion". A decade of unending bad press continued to come forward. Lawrence Hughes Jehovah's Witness daughter, Bethany died because of the policies on blood transfusions and a lawsuit pursued that exposed the Watchtower for the evil organization that it is. The press reported that at least 16 child molestation lawsuits were settled with individuals who claimed to be abused by Jehovah's Witnesses. A "gag order" was put on them and the Watchtower paid out millions of dollars. The decade of the great sell off. Much of the real estate owned by the Organization in Brooklyn was sold and changes in the way they conduct their business took place around the world.