Yes, through the use of formal equivalence (dressing up to much),  the New World
Translation was written in a stiff and ceremonious fashion through placing more
words in the text than is necessary to make a point. These added and embellished words
are not necessary to understand the original text, at times making the scriptural passage
significantly confusing and completely erroneous.
Religious cults are known for fabricating their own versions of the Bible or altering
the Scriptures to support their own doctrines. The Watchtower Society is perhaps the
most prime example of this cult characteristic. Through the Watchtower publication
"The New World Translation", loyal followers are tricked into believing this
uneducated fabrication is scholarly and accurate, restoring Jehovah's name where the
rest of "Christendom" has changed it to Lord. Referred to as "the Bible", Jehovah's
Witnesses are convinced their translation is extremely accurate, in the belief that God
only speaks through the Watchtower Society. As we examine this publication, our
intent is not to discourage individuals from reading God's Word the Holy Bible.
However, we need to inform all to pay close attention to the peculiar method of
writing, the sinister motive, and the deliberate manipulation used by the Watchtower
Society to trick Jehovah's Witnesses into believing that the New World Translation is
the Holy Bible when it is not.  
Did you catch that? Through the use of devious writing techniques, the Watchtower
Society just told you that the New World Translation (large print edition) is not the Holy
Bible. Confused? Simply add the word "However" before the second sentence. The
Watchtower Society knows their translation of the actual Scriptures is twisted to support
their own teachings, therefore they admit through their own writings that the New World
Translation is entirely different than the Holy Bible.
"The New World Translation
of the Holy Scriptures"
Large print edition
The verses here from Colossians
are a striking example of the
Watchtower Society's intentional
alteration of the actual Greek
Scriptures. The word [other] was
inserted four times to make it
appear that Jesus was created
first by Jehovah, and then Jesus
was used by Jehovah to create all
other things in the universe. This
is of course to support their
unorthodox teachings that Jesus
was merely a created being and
not God.
New World Translation.Colossians 1:16,17.
Interestingly, within the Watchtower Society's own
publication (
The Kingdom Interlinear Translation
of the Greek Scriptures)
the word "other" does not
appear within the actual Greek translation of
Colossians 1:16 and 17.
As shown here from the
Society's own publication,
the Greek word
"all things" not "all
things as is written in
the erroneous New World
How can the Society acknowledge the original Greek text,  yet insert a word that clearly
does not belong? The
Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures (the
above publication that all Jehovah's Witnesses should spend more time reading)
includes an appendix for the reader to understand why the Society interprets the
Scriptures the way they do. However, the Society's translation of these particular verses
from Colossians do not contain an explanation of the insertion [other]. The reader is
simply cross-referenced to the verses at Luke 11:41,42, where they will also see the
word [other] erroneously inserted with no explanation as to why.
The Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the
Greek Scriptures. 1985.
Isaiah 44:24.New World Translation
Perhaps the most common of Jehovah's Witnesses debates is the verse at John 1:1. This
verse becomes the central point for Witnesses to discuss with "non-believers" to further
solidify their elitist beliefs regarding the rejection of Christ's true deity. The Witnesses
debate this verse with the utmost confidence that their New World Translation is the
most accurate in the rendering of John 1:1. Examine this information critically, for what
you are about to discover is yet more evidence to the cruelest hoax in religious history.
Above is the verse at John 1:1. Notice how the insertion of the word "a" entirely alters
the context of the scripture. By stating that the Word (Jesus) was
"a" god, implies he
was inferior to God and distinctly different from
"the God". Jehovah's Witnesses
believe that any translations that render
"the Word was God" are biased and were
mistranslated by Trinitarians. Let's examine once again how the Watchtower Society
explains their translation of this verse through the
Kingdom Interlinear Translation
of the Greek Scriptures:
The Watchtower Society's grammatical explanation regarding John 1:1 within the
appendix is intended to leave readers confused. Unable to grasp the information, the loyal
Witness will then just "take their word for it" because it is from the Society. However,
we have taken the liberty to explain in Layman's terms the confusing and erroneous
grammatical explanation from the Society regarding their translation of John 1:1.
John1:1.New World Translation
If the word "the" follows the word "god".
If the word "god" follows the word "the"
This would imply that someone or something is "godlike" or
possesses the same qualities as God. Basically they teach that John
was referring to Jesus as "god-like" but not as "the God".
This would imply the reference is to "the God"(ho theos) or
Jehovah. (articular)
This being their
reasoning, how do they
explain the verse here at
John 20:28? Was
Thomas suggesting that
Jesus is Jehovah because
the singular predicate
"God" follows the
indefinite article
So, how does the Watchtower Society explain the insertion of the word "a" before
"God" in John 1:1? They explain that when there is no definite article "the" in the
Greek text, the article
"a" should be inserted.
This being the case, how do
they explain the beginning
of this same verse? Since
the word
"the" doesn't
appear before the word
"beginning" in the original
Greek text, why does the
New World Translation
insert the word
instead of the word
Does this not break their
grammatical rules?
How about this verse. Since the word
"the" does not appear before "God" in
the Greek version, shouldn't the New
World Translation insert the word "a"
according to their grammatic rules?
The verse then should read:
arose a man that was sent forth as a
representative of a God: his name was
Most Witnesses will continue to debate the issue regarding this verse by citing that the
verse at John 1:1 in their New World Translation refers to the first person as
with a capital G and the second person as
"god" with a lowercase g. They believe this
proves that Jesus was a lesser god. How can this be explained?
According to Westcott and
Hort, (the scholars whose
Greek text is the very
foundation of the New
World Translation), early
Greek manuscripts were
written in all capital letters.
The Watchtower Society
knows this and they also
know that it is referred to
as uncials (of an inch).
New World Translation. John 1:1
Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the
Greek Scriptures. John 20:28
New World Translation. John 1:6
The Word-Who is He? According
Even though the Watchtower
Society recognized that original
Greek text contained uncials, they
went against all the rules of
original Greek and used capital
and lowercase within their
version of John 1:1 in support of
their anti-Trinitarian teachings.
Notice how the Greek rendering of
this verse does not match the
Watchtower's interpretation of the
verse. Their own publication here
shows you the rendering in Greek
"god was the Word".
B.F.Westcott and F.J.A. Hort The New
Testament in the original
The Watchtower's grammatical errors alone should spark concern with all Jehovah's
Witnesses. However, if this evidence is too complicated for a Jehovah's Witness to
grasp, consider this. If John had intended to describe the Word as godlike or
"a god" he
would have simply used the Greek word
theios instead of "theos".
Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the
Greek Scriptures. John 1:1/pg.1139.
The Watchtower Society claims that certain words are inserted with [brackets] within
the New World Translation to make for smoother reading in English. They also claim
these "inserted words" do not change the meaning of the original text. Although the
New World Translation is not the only translation that uses brackets, it is their motive
for this extreme style of translating that needs to be examined. What you are about to
see is solid evidence that the Watchtower Society inserted words throughout the New
World Translation to intentionally alter the meaning of the original text in support of
their own teachings.
Jehovah made all things by Himself
according to the verse shown here in
Isaiah. If Jehovah did indeed make all
things by Himself, does this not completely
contradict the Society's idea that Jehovah
created Jesus first then created everything
else through Him? If Jehovah is the sole
creator of the universe, and Jesus is also
called the creator of the universe, could
one conclude that Jesus is God?
It is unquestionable that the New World Translation is solely used by Jehovah's
Witnesses. The facts prove that this book has received universal criticism for its
shocking mistranslation of the actual Scriptures. Legitimate Biblical linguists agree
that this book has deliberately mistranslated verses to support the Watchtower Society's
shaky theology. Dr. Bruce M. Metzger (late professor at Princeton University) states
that the New World Translation is a
"frightful mistranslation", "erroneous",
"pernicious", and "reprehensible"
. In the efforts to support their erroneous translation,
the Watchtower Society is notorious for citing references to other translations,
regardless of the translators background. One such cited translation is the 1937 book
"The New Testament" by Johannes Greber. Johannes Greber was a known spiritist who
claimed that spirits showed him what words to use in his translation. For many years
the Watchtower Society referenced to this known spiritist to support their rendering of
John 1:1.
(For more information, see Screen 3:Occult Connections.) To further support
their renderings of John 1:1, the Society has also deliberately misquoted and
misinterpreted Greek scholars and Bible commentators. One such scholar is Dr. Julius
Mantey author of A Manual of the Greek New Testament.
The Kingdom Interlinear Translation of
the Greek Scriptures. 1969 edition.pgs.
1158 & 1159.
Dr. Mantey did not support the New World Translation at all and demanded his
name and reference be removed immediately from the publication.
(Click here to see the letter he wrote to the Watchtower Society) Although it is
unknown to most Jehovah's Witnesses, the Watchtower Society simply revised the
Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures to remove the reference to
Mantey's publication.
To support their rendering of John 1:1,
the Watchtower deliberately implied that
Mantey supports their rendering, when he
absolutely did not. This misinterpretation
is found in the 1969 version of the
Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the
Greek Scriptures. Would God really
direct an organization who tries to
support their own shaky doctrines by
misinterpreting others?
The original 1969 edition of "The
Kingdom Interlinear Translation
of the Greek Scriptures".
The 1985 edition of "The Kingdom
Interlinear Translation of the
Greek Scriptures"
, without the
Julius Mantey reference.
Fred Franz (upper left), Nathan Knorr (upper
right), Albert Shroeder (center), George Gangas
(lower left), Milton Henschel (lower right).
Although it is possible to devote elongated periods of time to the hundreds of errors
that saturate the New World Translation, we deem the examples provided prove the
preposterousness of the Society's claims to have published an unbiased and accurate
translation of God's true Word. Only by writing their own Bible could the Watchtower
Society promulgate teachings that are contrary to and in many cases in direct violation
of God's true written word the Holy Bible. The New World Translation is not the
"Word of God" but rather it is the biased writing of the Watchtower Society, perverted
and slanted to further their own religious agenda.
The Watchtower Society refers to
Charles Taze Russell (founder of
the Society) to support their view
regarding the anonymity of the
translators. If the anonymity of
works claiming to come through
God was truly appropriate, why did
the writers of the Holy Bible
proudly and frequently provide
their names throughout the Bible?
Although it is still unaware to most Witnesses, former
Governing Body member Raymond Franz revealed the
secret identity of the New World Bible Translation
Committee through his book
Crisis of Conscience.
Could the translators identity be deliberately hidden by the Society to cover up the fact
that none of them were Bible scholars, and that none of them had possessed an
accurate knowledge of the Hebrew or Greek languages? Four out of the five men on
the committee had no Hebrew or Greek training at all and were only high school
educated. Fred Franz studied Greek for two years at the University of Cincinnati, but
dropped out after his sophomore year. In his publication (as seen above), Raymond
Franz states:
"Fred Franz however, was the only one with sufficient knowledge of the
Bible languages to attempt translation of this kind. He had studied Greek for two years
in the University of Cincinnati but was only self-taught in Hebrew."
In 1954, a court trial was held in Glasgow, Scotland. Fred Franz was asked by the
Government lawyer who the translators were. Franz replied under oath:
"That is an
absolute secret. It will never be revealed now or even after death."
 He was then asked:
"What happens if somebody submits a translation. Does the committee examine it?"  
Franz replied:
"No. I give it my okay, then the President, Mr. N. H. Knorr, has the last
He was further asked to explain how "translations and interpretations of the
Bible were made."
Franz replied that they emanated from God: "passed to the Holy
Spirit who, invisible, communicates with Jehovah's Witnesses - and the publicity
(Franz was the head of the Publicity Department).
Further into the examination, Franz lied
under oath by stating he knew Hebrew
when in fact he didn't. When he was asked
to translate a simple Hebrew verse
(Genesis 2:4), he was unable to do so. The
truth is that Fred Franz was unable to
translate Hebrew or Greek.
Within the Holy Bible and the
New World Translation, the
book of Jeremiah speaks of
those who
"changed the words
of the living God"
. The
Watchtower reminds us of this
within this article. After  
examining the evidence
provided, could one conclude
that the Watchtower's word is
not based upon the Holy
Scriptures, their words being a
"private interpretation" of God's
The Watchtower. 9/1/
Awake! 10/22/
The Watchtower Society has preferred the anonymity of the New World Bible
Translation Committee (the translators for the New World Translation) claiming that
all credit for this work should go to God not men. Could one conclude that the Society
prefers this anonymity because it protects the translators from blame for the hundreds
of erroneous renderings within their translation? Could the translators identity be
deliberately hidden to cover up the fact that none of them were Bible scholars, and that
none of them had possessed an accurate knowledge of the Hebrew or Greek languages?
Could one also conclude that accepted Bibles in the real world of Christianity have no
problem with identifying their scholarly translators because they render a truly accurate
version of God's Word?
The Watchtower.3/1/
Jehovah's Witnesses are boastful in defending the New World Translation, believing
their version has restored Jehovah's name where the rest of "Christendom" has changed
it to Lord. They have taken the name Jehovah and use it as though they own a patent on
it. This is perhaps the defining factor in their elitist claim that they are the only "true"
religion. Witnesses are taught that the name Jehovah has been stripped from all other
versions of the Bible and the Watchtower Society took the liberty to "faithfully" restore
it. Although Jehovah's Witnesses feel confident that the Society has restored God's true
name "Jehovah"  through the New Testament,  they should feel more confidence in the
fact that no one is precisely clear as to the correct way to pronounce "YHWH". We are
certainly not here to prove how the way "YHWH" should be pronounced or that
Jehovah's Witnesses pronunciation is incorrect. What does need to be addressed is how
they use this term and their erroneous insertions of it throughout the New Testament .
Although the term "YHWH" appears in the Old Testament,  it is the Society's devious
motive behind their insertions of the name Jehovah within the New Testament that need
to be examined. Their own publication (Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek
Scriptures), proves the word "Jehovah" does not appear within the original Greek text.
The Watchtower Society has intentionally inserted the name Jehovah were Lord appears
within the New Testament to support their polytheist beliefs that Jesus is not Jehovah,
therefore rejecting the deity of Christ. Perhaps inadvertently, they admitted to the fact
that no Greek manuscripts contain God's name:  
To learn more about The Watchtower and their connections
with Johannes Greber as seen from the clip above,
Screen 3: Occult Origins
Renowned cult exposer and Bible expert Robert Porter discusses John 1:1
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