Time is the Watchtower Society's worst enemy. The progression of time uncovers the
truth concealed by false teachings and erroneous doctrines fabricated by Watchtower
leaders. In the efforts to prevent loyal followers from leaving this multi-billion dollar
sales corporation, the Society is forced to dig deep into their bag of tricks to conceal
their mistakes and never ending contradictions. Through such elitist claims as

"Jehovah's organization alone"
are the only ones on earth that are guided through
"God's active force", unfulfilled prophesies leave Jehovah's Witnesses with many
questioned unanswered. Doubtful Witnesses are advised to place their questions upon
a figurative shelf, and the light will become increasingly brighter as they spiritually
mature. Through the passing of time, Jehovah's Witnesses are emotionally and
spiritually confused by the myriads of contradictions and frosted adjustments within
Watchtower doctrine. Through the following evidence one can
that Watchtower dogma is not at all directed by Jehovah God, but from
the largest sales organization in New York.
Because Jehovah's Witnesses are
known for false prophesies and
contradicting doctrines
(which they
refer to as new light)
, the Watchtower
Society was forced to construct a
defense mechanism for their
followers. By using a clever
psychological trick, the Watchtower
openly admits they have never claimed
infallibility, which is technically true.
Although the Society has never used
the word "inspired" to describe
themselves and have openly admitted
they are not infallible, the fact is that
they have always claimed to be
Jehovah's mouthpiece.
Despite the denial of loyal followers, the Society has made countless references and
outright admittances in defining themselves as prophets. And a prophet literally means
"an inspired preacher" or "someone who speaks for God under divine guidance".The
truth is that the Watchtower Society has always claimed their information is coming
Here are just a few of the countless
references to Jehovah's Witnesses claiming
to be modern day prophets:
The Watchtower.6/15/87.pg.31
This alone should spark concern with all loyal Jehovah's Witnesses. Although it is
difficult to think beyond the world they know, they must realize why the Watchtower
Society continuously reiterates the warnings of staying close to "Jehovah's
organization". The Society's motive is clear, and it is sadly convincing millions of
loyal followers to be enslaved by them.
If the Watchtower Society would only follow their own advise as seen above. They
never admit to their mistakes, especially regarding their notorious false predictions.
The only thing the Society tries
"very hard not to repeat" is specified dates as to
when Armageddon will occur. Now the predictions are limited to
"any day now",
"soon" and "shortly".
By pointing the finger at their followers
instead of themselves frees the Society from
all connections to their false predictions.
Clearly the Watchtower Society is not
to admit their mistakes, it is easier
for them to blame their followers for getting
"swept up by dates".
The Watchtower.11/1/1933.pg.334.
The Watchtower. 11/1/72.pg.643.
The Watchtower. 11/1/72.pg.644.
The Watchtower.4/1/72.
The Watchtower.6/8/86.pg.9.
The Watchtower. 3/22/93.pg.4.
By constantly referring to themselves as modern day prophets, the Watchtower
Society is able to retain members, even though their doctrines lie on a bed of
contradictions and outright error. Continuous communication through God to
receive new understandings is a prominent feature in most cults. On the surface, it
appears as though the Watchtower Society's new light doctrine was fabricated to
cover previous errors and outright false predictions. Although this is true, it is clear
that their motive is far deeper than this. The intention of Watchtower leaders to
utilize this trick is to reiterate the necessity of themselves to their loyal followers, in
turn retaining members and their financial contributions. Jehovah's Witnesses are
tricked into believing that only through the Watchtower Society can one
"progressively understand" Jehovah and His truth from the Bible, and without them
one can never be a true Christian. Jehovah's Witnesses equate spiritual growth with
"progressive understanding", convinced that the verse at Proverbs 4:18 "the light gets
is in reference to the Watchtower organization, and anyone who leaves will
be in
"spiritual darkness".  
The Watchtower.12/1/81.
Although the myriads of contradictions and frosted adjustments within Watchtower's
history are easily detected, time allows only for a portion of them to be encapsulated
throughout this website. Whether it be false predictions, outright lies, or the deadly and
ever changing medical doctrines, Jehovah's Witnesses must recognize that the
Watchtower Society's teachings do contradict and completely extinguish previous
viewpoints. Falsely defining these adjustments as "new light" or "progressive
understanding" is the excuse the Society uses to reiterate the necessity of themselves to
loyal followers.
Referring to teachings claimed
through God as
"tacking" is a
belittling insult to Him and his
infinite wisdom. Although the
Watchtower Society claims their
viewpoints have never
contradicted another, the facts
prove otherwise.
For one time only, we will let the Watchtower Society
themselves sum up the "new light" doctrine:
The Watchtower.5/15/76.pg. 298
Jehovah's Witnesses Proclaimers of
God's Kingdom.pg.104
Although Charles Taze Russell (founding father of Watchtower's theological error)
was a bona fide false prophet, he attempted to teach the following views:
The Watchtower. 2/1881.pg.188.
Digging deeper into the Watchtower
Society's bag of tricks reveals the
devious intentions behind this
multi-billion dollar sales company. The
Watchtower Society is forced to create
articles to appear as though they freely
admit their mistakes, even though they
don't. Through blaming
other religious
organizations for claiming infallibility,
they are omitting themselves. In fact, the
Watchtower Society has always pointed
the finger at "Christendom" for claiming
infallibility, which is false. The Pope
and many other religious leaders have
never claimed to be infallible as humans.
This is an outright lie the Society has
been using for over one hundred years to
maintain financial growth.
(See "Sin of Omission" in Bag of Tricks.)
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