• Action 1: Tell the elders in your congregation you want to talk with all
    of them in the elders room (the whole body of elders). Let them all know
    that you have found out what the Watchtower organization is hiding
    behind. Idolatrous roots, involvement with the occult, an N.G.O.
    association with the United Nations, etc. Tell the elders you are fed up
    with the Jehovah's Witnesses ever-changing doctrines, specifically the
    "Generation". Tell them you are concerned about how former Witnesses
    are treated with hatred and are to be considered as dead. Let them know
    that you are aware of how they are covering up child molesters. And by all
    means let them know you are discontent with the money making schemes
    under the name of the "Worldwide Work". Ask for a judicial committee
    hearing where you can discuss this in more length. If you are
    disfellowshipped, ask for an appeal, as this will expose more elders to the
    corruption in the Watchtower organization.

  • Action 2: Write a letter of disassociation giving your reasons why you
    no longer want to be one of Jehovah's Witnesses. Give copies of your
    letter to all Witnesses in the Kingdom Hall, including the elders.

  • Action 3: Simply and kindly ask the elders if you could meet with
    them, letting them know you are a little concerned with some of the things
    you are finding out about in the Organization. You just want their take
    and their feelings on what you have been hearing. Be careful not to indict
    yourself. Let them know you are not "complaining just explaining". In
    other words, come in "under their radar screen". This action, for the most
    part, will not cause too much trouble as the elders will simply tell you to
    "put it on the shelf".

  • Action 4: Do not go to any meetings, assemblies or conventions the
    last week in August.

  • Action 5: If you are a servant, step down. If you are a pioneer, do not
    turn any time in for August, 2009.

  • Action 6: Stop any financial support. During the last week in August
    do not put any money in any contribution box, and by all means, do not
    contribute for your publications.

  • Action 7: You can start this action immediately: as you are out in
    service ask the householders if they want the Jehovah's Witnesses to keep
    coming to their house? Many householders will tell you they don't want
    the Witnesses coming. Be glad to take their address down and during the
    last week of August turn this information over to the Coordinating

  • Action 8: Do not go in service the last week in August.

  • Action 9: Peacefully demonstrate in front of your Kingdom Hall (with
    signs) the last week in August.

  • Action 10: Write anonymous letters to as many fellow Witnesses you
    know and let them know  that you now know "What The Watchtower is
    Hiding Behind.
Ten actions that can be taken to slow down and perhaps put one of the most
destructive organizations in the world known as The Watchtower Bible and
Tract Society on the brink of a business collapse. The actions listed below are
being coordinated by many participants to all happen at one specific time. The
target date is set for the last week of August 2009.  Seven days of Jehovah's
Witnesses mayhem from Sunday August 23 through Saturday August 29, 2009.
The month of August ends the Jehovah's Witness service year and how
surprising the last month of the year will be. Granted some of these actions
could come with repercussions. Others will cause no harm at all as they may
not know who is involved.
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