Let's listen in on a lecture given by former writer for the Watchtower
Society Jay Hess. Hess will be discussing how the Watchtower Society
once taught that worshipping Jesus was proper, and now they don't.
New World Translation. 1950
The Watchtower. 10/15/45. pg. 313.
New World Translation. 1970
Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures. Hebrews 1:6. 1969. In
the revision of this publication in 1985, the word worship was changed to
obeisance, as well as many other changes including the removal of the reference to
Dr. Julius Mantey in which the Watchtower Society erroneously quoted him.
New World Translation
New World Translation. Large Print Edition. 1984.
Jay Hess at a conference in November 2004 of the
Evangelical Theological Society in San Antonio,
Texas. The paper was titled "Explaining the Trinity to
the Jehovah's Witnesses".
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