Six Screens of the Watchtower-
What Are They?

As you know by now, the Watchtower Organization is nothing more than a dangerous and destructive cult masquerading as a religion. Through the cheap tricks and outright deceit within this multi-million dollar corporation, it is imperative to break things down into their simplest form. We have categorized the world of the Jehovah's Witnesses into "six screens".

Watchtower dogma presents emotional and physical damage to all who apply these non-Biblical teachings. We encourage Jehovah's Witnesses and those who are not to examine the information critically. The underlying theme is transparent here; the information fed from the Watchtower Society is not from Jehovah, rather from a group of wealthy men in Brooklyn New York.

Screen 1-
Theological Teachings & Real History

The following links contain information regarding some of the Watchtower Society's most popular and disturbing doctrines.

Armageddon & False Prophesy
Blood Policies
Bedroom Laws
Deity of Christ
Faithful & Discreet Slave
Hatred & Disfellowshipping
Holidays & Celebrations
New Light
New World Translation
Torture Stake
144,000 and The Memorial

Screen 2-
Dark & Tainted Secrets

The following links contain information that many active Witnesses are unaware of; or choose to ignore.

Charles Taze Russell
Bag of Tricks
Secrets of the Watchtower

Screen 3-
Occult Connections

Regardless of point blank facts, Jehovah's Witnesses choose to deny that the Organization they slave their lives to has roots in the occult.

Channel of Communication
Occult Origins
Subliminal Images

Screen 4-
Mind Control & Mental Manipulation

The following links explain how the Watchtower Society uses mind control to manipulate their followers.

Are JW's in a Cult?
Control Techniques

Screen 5-
Induced Mental Illness & Elevated Anxiety

The following links contain information regarding the disturbing mental effects and anxiety problems faced by the Witnesses.

Fear & Anxiety
Mental Distress

Screen 6-

The following links contain information regarding the fact that the Watchtower Society is and always has been interested in nothing more than financial gain.

It's Only a Business
World Wide Work
Massive Publishing Company
Parking Lot Scandal