A Message for Jehovah's Witnesses

"Soon Jehovah will eradicate both the wicked and wickedness." This message is being proclaimed as never before evidence that Jehovah's day is near indeed. This, like many other urgent messages from the Watchtower Society, undoubtedly forces Jehovah's Witnesses to remain active in "Jehovah's Organization" in this "time of the end".

Between five meetings a week, attending assemblies, preaching in field service and studying for Sunday's Watchtower lesson, Jehovah's Witnesses believe these time consuming activities are the basis for their salvation. Through the constant reiteration of the impending arrival of Armageddon, the Watchtower Society discourages followers from pursuing careers or having children as a trade off to slavishly devote themselves to theocratic activities. Is the participation in such theocratic activities truly what must be done to secure survival through Armageddon? Is it perhaps more logical to conclude that these time saturating activities are masterfully designed by the Watchtower leaders to prevent loyal followers from exposure to the real truth behind the organization they sacrifice their lives to?

Former Jehovah's Witnesses who choose to expose the doctrinal error and the real truth behind the Watchtower Society are erroneously defined as "apostates". These ones are falsely accused of leaving God to be on Satan's side. Jehovah's Witnesses loathe these so called apostates more than they would a murderer or a pedophile. Jehovah's Witnesses are frightened to even look at such ones and go to great lengths to ignore them.

Due to the increasing amount of so-called apostate information surfacing on the Internet, Jehovah's Witnesses are more than ever convinced that Armageddon is just right around the corner. The prevalence of apostate materials further convinces loyal Watchtower followers that they are being persecuted, a clear indication in their minds that we are living in the time of the end. Have these so-called apostates really left Jehovah and rejected the Bible?

Most former Jehovah's Witnesses who choose to expose the erroneous teachings of the Watchtower are trying to help those who are trapped in an organization which they believe is their only conduit to God. These ex Jehovah's Witnesses are exposing this critical information to help family members and friends recognize that the Watchtower Organization is nothing more than a business, using loyal followers as sales people.

Due to the drastic increase of shocking and truthful Watchtower secrets, the Society is now forced to tighten the vice on the ever dwindling members they have; continuing in their efforts to prevent loyal followers and their financial contributions from leaving. Jehovah's Witnesses should expect to see the release of many Watchtower publications saturated with warnings on the dangers of the Internet and so-called apostate materials, allowing no contact between them and those who have left. However, those who choose to open their eyes to this critical material are beginning to realize all that is hidden from them behind the curtains of the Watchtower Organization. These pseudo Witnesses are serving the Watchtower Society in a perfunctory fashion, remaining connected out of fear in recognition of the consequences they will suffer if they detach themselves. Jehovah's Witnesses in this "conscious class" know if they officially descend from the Organization they are jeopardizing life-long relationships with family and friends. The further they separate themselves the clearer they realize there is life outside the Watchtower Organization and whole-hearted efforts are being made by thousands to help Jehovah's Witnesses and all those who have been touched by the tentacles of the Watchtower.

The Watchtower Society is scared to death, forced to deal with reclining recruitments and members. Empty seats at Kingdom Halls are becoming plentiful, forcing the Organization to consolidate congregations across the United States. Elders and Ministerial Servants are stepping aside and large numbers of people are writing letters to disassociate themselves.

The future looks dim for the Watchtower Organization; as the ever growing shadow hovers over the door at 25 Columbia Heights in Brooklyn New York. Although Watchtower leaders appear to be great and powerful, they are hiding behind a curtain of outright error now being exposed by many former Jehovah's Witnesses. It only took a little dog to pull down the curtain and expose the real truth behind the great and powerful Wizard of Oz. It is only a matter of time before the curtain of the Watchtower Organization is pulled as well.