Jehovah's Witness

The leaders of the Watchtower Organization masterfully paint flawless "Christian" reputations for their followers, glazing the surface to conceal deep rooted hatred. The strictly enforced policies from the Watchtower Society deny all loyal members from any association with those who have left the so-called "truth", including family members and lifetime friends. When a person becomes baptized within the Watchtower Organization and later frees themselves from this bona fide cult, they are expelled or "disfellowshipped" from the Organization. Watchtower leaders provide loyal followers with strict instruction to have nothing to do with a "disfellowshipped" person, not even saying hello to them.

An ongoing malicious campaign of hate, an "us vs. them" attitude is clearly seen within this quasi-religious and spiritual supremacist group. Members believe in the superiority of their "religion" over all other religions.

Because Jehovah's Witnesses equate the organization with having a relationship with God, they believe it is impossible for anyone to be a Christian outside the Watchtower Society. This creates a deep rooted fear of leaving the Organization because they think they are leaving Jehovah, and a deep rooted hatred toward those who have left, convinced these ones have left God.

Rick Fearon was "disfellowshipped" and now stands on the front lines of the real "truth", exposing the Watchtower Organization for what they really are. Rick secretly recorded his judicial committee hearing and appeal meeting with the Elders. Witness or not, you won't believe what you hear. Watch the video then listen to the recordings below.

~Disfellowshipped!-Secret Recordings~
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Judicial Committee Hearing

Appeal Meeting

The recorder and book that was used to secretly record the meetings.