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Hate Mail

"Your statements are false and if you really knew JW\'s you would realize it. No one is obligated to be a JW. It is the choice of every person as to what that want to be religious or otherwise. Your accusations help me to beleive they actually know the truth about the last days or you would not spread such a negative Satanic message about a people the live honest examplary lives."
From- gdjones

"i have been disfellowshipped but it was because i did something wrong & was not repentant. i have been reinstated & i really think that you are an apostate. the info regarding being shunned, even by family members, is in the bible. not something the witnesses thought of. you can speak to family as long as it is not of spiritual matters. you are either on god's side or satans. i know what side you are on! where have you gone to find an organization more beautiful? you sound like a pompous idiot!"

"I am an ex-witness but after seeing your disrespectful slanderous signs on the street advertising this despicable website, I now feel more than ever that I am going back to the organization so I don't end up like you standing on the street like a fool to promote your own corrupt ways. Good work as you encouraged at least one ex-witness to RETURN to the organization as I dont want to end up like you.... bitter and stupid."

"free what from what? You are wasting your time on slander, and critizing. you dont know the word of God even if you tripped over it. As Gamaliel said "leave these men alone , because if these project is of men it will fail.But if it is of God, you will have found yourselves in a loosing war against Allmighty God. if you only read and studied your Bible You would know better......... "