An all out condemnation of higher education is easily seen. Negative statements about
college are regularly addressed at meetings and assemblies. The Watchtower Society is
impeccably compelled to over emphasize the dangers of the college environment and
the pitfalls of higher education. Through an ongoing an unparalleled condemnation, the
Watchtower Society is in an all out war to prevent loyal followers from furthering
themselves outside the organization. Humble and faithful Jehovah's Witnesses are only
exposed to the dark and corrupt side of attending college, unfairly told that college can
encourage immorality, drunkenness and drug abuse. What exactly is omitted from these
articles regarding education? The Watchtower Society continues to omit the facts of
how beneficial a college education can be. Because of higher learning, millions of
individuals are more apt to secure and meaningful careers for a better standard of
living. Higher education has lifted millions from the doldrums of poverty to a
comfortable new life. In December 2006, a report on higher education indicated that a
person could earn an additional million dollars in their lifetime by receiving a college
degree. So much that is good, positive and productive comes from individuals taking
the time, resources and energy to learn more and in turn all humanity is rewarded.
Advancements in medicine, health, transportation, and communication have helped all
people including Jehovah's Witnesses. So, why would the Watchtower Society omit the
benefits of receiving a higher education? The Watchtower Society has cleverly designed
the condemnation of higher learning to benefit themselves through the continual
recruiting of youth for the full time service. Young Witnesses are now replacing a
beneficial college education with the door to door ministry to help fill the "Worldwide
Work" donation box. Although financial gain is the predominant factor, the
Watchtower Society also fears those who become educated because it allows
individuals to think for themselves and discuss Watchtower doctrine with educated
Biblical scholars who reveal the erroneous doctrines of the Watchtower Society. Yes,
through deliberately omitting truthful information, the Watchtower Society presents
biased and non-Biblical views to support their erroneous teachings and to control their
followers. From the evidence provided, it is logical for one to individually research
beneficial information, rather than await biased instruction void of all the facts from
the Watchtower Society.
This devious trick utilized by the Watchtower Society is amazingly apparent and easily
detected. The Society cautiously articulates biased and one dimensional arguments in
their favor with the intent to omit pertinent and truthful information. Due to this biased
writing style, it impossible for the reader to make a wise decision on an unclear
teaching and move forward with the real truth. The Watchtower Society's slanted
arguments are irrelevant and incomplete by deliberately concealing truthful evidence.
Since Jehovah's Witnesses are advised to take in knowledge as noted in John 17:3, how
could they acquire full knowledge through only seeing one side of the evidence? To
further solidify this point, here are just a few of the myriads of examples identifying the
"Sin of Omission" within Watchtower publications.
This letter was written by  
Albert Schroeder, the
registrar of the Watchtower
Bible School of Gilead.
Within this unrelentless
roaring current of high level
praise, the information
clearly suggests to the
innocent reader that the New
World Translation is the
ideal and superior
translation of the Bible.
Shroeder imitates an
overzealous infomercial
salesman by ridiculously
embellishing this supposed
scholarly instrument.  
Through the "Sin of Omission", the truthful information that was deliberately omitted
in this article should be of monumental importance to the naive reader. The undeniable
facts prove that Albert Schroeder was one of the members of the New World
Translation Committee, the very committee who translated this erroneous publication.
Through the claims of the New World Translation being the best translation, it is logical
that these words pompously derived from one of the translators, Albert Shroeder. Of
interest is that Schroeder had no training in Biblical languages and he had only three
years of schooling in mechanical engineering. Never was he considered a Bible scholar
or publicly acknowledged for his Biblical knowledge outside the Watchtower Society.
These never ending and high praising comments from one of the writers of the New
World Translation should not convince anyone that this so-called Bible is the most
"faithful" and "illuminating" of all translations.
(See New World Translation) Another
outstanding example of the "Sin of Omission" deals with the Watchtower Society's view
towards higher education. The Society supplies abundant information discouraging
individuals from obtaining a higher education. Jehovah's Witnesses are continually
advised against pursuing a worldly education in this "system of things" and doing so
would be unwise for a Christian since Armageddon is so near. By promoting their
biased views on pursuing an education, they intentionally omit the value and importance
of receiving one.
The Watchtower. 3/15/51 pg.156-58.
Hypnotic language patterns are utilized repeatedly by the Watchtower Society
throughout their literature. These carefully crafted language patterns are used to
deceptively influence innocent and unarmed readers. This hypnotic language overtly
and covertly programs the minds of loyal Watchtower followers, influencing through
obvious words seen consciously right on the page. Hypnotic writings undoubtedly
work on the subconscious mind by using the conscious mind to get there. The
Watchtower Society has been experimenting and playing with mind power from the
very beginning and the persuasive tactic of hypnotic writing has obviously worked.
Hypnotic writing is without question the most effective method of retaining members.
Let's discuss two underlying principles in the Watchtower Society's hypnotic language:
The Watchtower is saying in essence the
cause of the problem is engaging in the
normal pleasures of life, music, singing,
dancing and eating could be very harmful and
lead to idolatry. These worldly influences can
imperceptibly lodge in the mind and heart.
The effect is losing your spirituality and
leaving Jehovah. Tragically people fall prey
to this style of writing. For many, it is slowly
embedded in their subconscious so that
normal and simple pleasures become
abnormal, worldly and evil.
Persuasive flattery is a hypnotic writing style that the Watchtower Society employs to
trick unsuspecting readers. This overused trick infects all Watchtower literature, and
once exposed to it, this trick becomes blatantly obvious. From its beginning in the late
1800's to modern times, this trick has been and will be used until the last piece of
literature rolls off the Watchtower printing press. Statements of persuasive flattery
inject ones subconscious mind by inducing and influencing one to totally comply with
what is written. Occurring at times without conscious perception, this hypnotic writing
style pierces inner thoughts with subtle seduction, forcing the reader to become
unyieldingly attentive and ready to obey, with a willingness to serve in a slavish
relationship. All humans love complements and are well pleased when they are
acknowledged for making wise and right decisions in this world filled with confusion
and strife. The Watchtower Society complements their readers, addressing them as
"truth seekers", "God's people", "honest hearted ones", or "not part of this worldly
. The Witnesses' inner feelings are massaged by this persuasive flattery, in turn
the reader totally submits and agrees to what is being said. Readers are hypnotically
brought into the dark and dangerous world of the Watchtower. Yes, the Society takes
full advantage of their readers through this persuasive flattery, flattering the reader with
excessive, insincere praise and exaggerated complements. Watchtower readers are
redundantly and excessively exposed to persuasive flattery without their conscious mind
detecting it. For example, if a sentence from a Watchtower article begins with a
flattering title such as:
"True Christians..." you must agree with anything stated after
that, otherwise you are admitting you are not a true Christian. Here are some prime
examples of persuasive flattery:
The Watchtower.7/15/82. pg.11.
HYPNOTIC WRITING: PRINCIPLE 1: Cause and Effect: Statements
that claim there is a cause and effect relationship between one thing and another.
The Watchtower.6/15/ 18.
The Watchtower Society continually  
condemns pursuing "worldly" careers in
their attempts to persuade loyal followers
to become full time pioneers (Watchtower
sales people) instead. The Watchtower
Society insinuates within this article that
the cause of the person's problem could
have been the job promotion, if she had
accepted it.
According to the Watchtower Society, the cause of the problem is always anything
outside the organization, because everything outside of it is bad and a tool from Satan.
The effect of the problem will be disastrous to one if they do not adhere to the
Watchtower Society's rules. Over time, this constant and repetitive trick is driven deep
into the reader's subconscious so that the normal and wholesome pleasantries and
activities of life turn ugly and unbearable.
The effect of refusing the
promotion becomes a
wonderful thing, enabling her
to become a full time worker
for the Watchtower Society.
Studies in the Scriptures. The Divine Plan of the Ages.
Volume 1. 1886. pg.11.
Through clever sentence
structure, the Watchtower
Society has always entranced
their followers into these
hypnotic writings known as
persuasive flattery. Through
"those who really love the
an unsuspecting reader is
forced to accept all else that is
said, and to disagree with what is
said would be admitting they do
not really love the Lord.
The Watchtower.7/1/
"Those who recognize the Bible" and "Our object as
truth seekers"
forces the reader to believe that they can
only be these things if they are reading Watchtower
publications and are a member of the organization of
which the writings are associated.
This Kingdom News #37 features an all out
attack on all other religions outside of the
Watchtower organization. As seen from the last
page of the pamphlet (above), in order for
someone to be in the true religion they must be
one of Jehovah's Witnesses. To admit otherwise
would imply that you are in a false religion and
that you are not really on God's side.
Once exposed to the Watchtower Society's tricks, they become blatantly obvious.
Let's continue to find out more hidden in the Watchtower Society's bag of tricks.
Magicians spend countless hours preparing and practicing for their big show of illusion,
and they never expose their secrets. Like magicians, the Watchtower Society puts forth
considerable effort in the clever and manipulative preparation of their writings to
present ingenious statements and masterful arrangements of misleading propositions.
The following are just a few of the numerous deceitful writing tricks that are
deliberately implemented within Watchtower publications. Many mind controlling
institutions utilize these cheap hypnotic writing tricks to convince loyal followers that
they have the "truth", and as you will see from the following information, the
Watchtower Society is a shining example of this.
Movies, music, books, parties, the
Internet, and various other normal
activities are highly discouraged by
the Watchtower Society. Jehovah's
Witness minds are controlled into
believing that participation in
anything "worldly" will prevent them
from having a relationship with God.
These slow doses of poison
embedded within these writings  
allows Watchtower leaders to
control their followers and prevent
them from leaving the organization.
Through these writings, Jehovah's
Witnesses believe the cause of the
problem is participation with
worldly things, and the effect is
losing a relationship with God.
The Watchtower.6/15/ 18.
Watchtower Society- Bag of Tricks
This clever trick is used to convince Jehovah's Witnesses that the Watchtower is the
"truth" and all other religions are false. The Watchtower Society's literature is an
overly redundant barrage of cynical and negative comments suggesting disgust in all
other religious faiths. The Watchtower continually expresses severe judgments on all
other religions as well as verbally attacking "worldly" organizations, institutions and
governments. This never ending criticism elevates the Watchtower organization and
enrobes its members with a haughty and cocky confidence. This is the very formula the
Watchtower Society uses to induce an ungodly and non-Biblical elitism within their
members. Although there are thousands of references within Watchtower publications
which lambaste all religions outside of their own, we will provide just two examples:
The Watchtower Society is masterful through their use of fallacious statements.
Jehovah's Witnesses undeniably accept all the teachings and doctrines within the
organization because the dogma appears to be reasonable, acceptable and truthful.
However, the Society's teachings are like a flawed product disguised by impressive
packaging. Although these teachings appear truthful, they are embodied in fallacy with a
deliberate attempt to mislead. The Watchtower Society's literature is saturated with
these fallacious statements in which the error is not obvious. Watchtower leaders use
this to masterfully deceive and trick the reader.
The Watchtower. 5/15/
The Watchtower.7/1/
Within this article, the Watchtower
Society implies that it is the Lord's
counsel and direction for
publishers (Watchtower sales
people) to put in at least 60 hours a
month in the door to door field
ministry. Because Jehovah's
Witnesses are convinced that the
Watchtower Society only speaks
truth, it is difficult for them to
grasp that such statements are not
only fallacious, but entirely
non-Biblical. Hypnotic writings (as
we discussed earlier) are also
blatantly obvious within this
article. By stating
"for those who
really love the Lord"
implies that if
one does not reach the quota
suggested, they are therefore
admitting they do not love the Lord.
The examples of tricks provided serve as irrefutable proof that the Watchtower Society's
writings are a vital tool to control and manipulate their followers. Stay tuned to this
website to discover more from the Watchtower Society's bag of tricks.
The burden of proof is an indispensable instrument for any intellectual exchange in
which the participants are seriously committed to the pursuit of truth. The Watchtower
Society uses this to build a strong case for their Biblical understanding and extreme
legalism. Many of the Watchtower Society's teachings take place in an invisible arena,
an arena of existence that has been methodically fabricated. This invisible, intangible
and quasi-spiritual world becomes the burden of proof when the Watchtower is backed
into a corner. The Society's burden of proof cannot be proven wrong because it rests
on the invisible; therefore, something that is invisible cannot be proven to exist. For
example, the Watchtower teaches that Jesus returned invisibly in the year 1914. If one
questions this Watchtower teaching, their burden of proof is that they do not have the
faith that is necessary to perceive the invisible. There are in existence innocent and
independent thinking Jehovah's Witnesses who are not satisfied with the abstract and
incomprehensible answers given by the Watchtower Society. In turn, the Society
suggests one should steer clear from independent thinking. Witnesses are told to put
their questions or doubts upon a figurative "shelf". In time, as they mature spiritually,
Jehovah will help them to understand. Yes, Jehovah's Witnesses are brought into a
fictional realm of existence, an invented world, a fabricated environment filled with
stimulation and image based fantasy. It is in this artificially landscaped world that the
Watchtower Society gives their invisible burden of proof.
(See Screen 1:1914)
The Watchtower.1/15/
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