Perhaps the most monumental and eagerly anticipated event of the year for Jehovah's
Witnesses is the annual District Convention. The Watchtower Society utilizes this
quasi-spiritual event as a colossal fund raiser in the efforts for mass financial gain.
Watchtower leaders have sinister motives, attempting to control the finances of all
Jehovah's Witnesses in attendance. These bona fide cult leaders utilize controlling
tactics, realizing that the less money their members spend while attending the
District Convention, the more money they will insert in the contribution boxes. As
you will see from the following evidence, Watchtower leaders stop at nothing in
their efforts for mass financial consumption.
Perhaps the most notorious in the
Watchtower Society's "prepaid
parking ticket scheme" occurred at
the District Convention in Tacoma
Washington. A number of years
ago, the Society was caught red
handed for charging Jehovah's
Witnesses for prepaid parking for
the District Convention in which
the parking was already included in
the rental fee.
The average amount of money generated from District Conventions is estimated at
about $15-20.00 per attendee. The money sent to Watchtower big wigs is tax free, and
is sent after all expenses have been paid. With more than one million Jehovah's
Witnesses in the United States alone, the money sent to the Society from District
Conventions would average out to roughly 15-20 million dollars. Perhaps the most
predominant in the Watchtower Society's efforts for mass financial consumption is
generated through charging the Witnesses for parking their vehicles at District
Conventions. For example, Jehovah's Witnesses who attended the District Assembly
in Amherst Massachusetts purchased parking tickets in advance from the local
Kingdom Halls for about two dollars a day. However, these prepaid parking tickets
reserved a parking space in a field adjacent to the site, not on the site. It is
transparently obvious that the Society seized another opportunity for mass financial
gain. If roughly 5,000 were in attendance, and perhaps 2,000 car groups purchased
prepaid tickets, that averages out to an extra $4000.00 sent to the Society for this
District Convention alone. Watchtower leaders utilize the "prepaid parking ticket
scheme" at many District Conventions.
All those attending the District Convention are also discouraged from buying food and
drinks from vendors around the convention site; Witnesses are encouraged to brown
bag their lunches and to eat it on the convention site. The convention attendees are
emphatically told to be at all sessions and it is redundantly stated to get to bed early so
they will be well rested for the following day of spiritual food. All of these strict
instructions given by Watchtower leaders have a common devious thread. This
multi-national and multi-billion dollar business empire utilizes clever and
manipulative tactics to retain loyal members and their financial contributions.
Before we discuss the infamous parking lot scandal, it is important to review every
aspect in which Watchtower leaders control the finances of their followers at District
Conventions. All of the tactics used are masterfully and carefully orchestrated to
convince Jehovah's Witnesses to place more money into the contribution boxes.
Watchtower leaders guarantee local
hotels that their facilities will be filled
at District Convention time; therefore,
these lodging facilities offer discounts
to the Witnesses. Jehovah's Witnesses
are given strict instruction to stay at
the lodging on the list.
Notice how cleverly the Watchtower
Society insinuates that violating their
lodging rules brings reproach upon
God. This is the devious tactic they use
to conceal their underhanded intentions.
The less money loyal followers spend
on lodging, the more money they put
into the contribution boxes.
The Watchtower Society deviously pocketed the money from unsuspecting Jehovah's
Witnesses who had no clue what the rental agreement truly entailed. Watchtower
leaders had previously negotiated with Tacoma city officials and established that
parking lot fees would not be charged to the Witnesses in attendance. However, the
Watchtower Society sent letters to the elders within the local congregations
instructing them to sell parking tickets for about four dollars a piece; an outright
deceptive scam considering what the Society had previously arranged. The few elders
who knew about the money making scam were given strict instruction to keep this
information hidden from the Jehovah's Witness community and the Tacoma city
officials. If it weren't for one former Jehovah's Witness exposing this deceptive act
from the Watchtower Society, many would have never known about it. Negotiation of
rental contracts for public meeting places such as District Conventions is an art, and
the Watchtower Society is masterful in this business dealing. Watchtower leaders
know how to drain every last penny from city officials.
Kingdom Ministry.1/92
Kingdom Ministry.1/98
Although Jehovah's Witnesses firmly believe that Watchtower leaders are concerned
for them as individuals, the devious District Convention scandals alone should raise
a red flag and embed doubts in the organization they slavishly devote their lives to. It
is transparently obvious that the Watchtower Society is far more concerned with the
consumption of mass financial gain through underhanded business schemes than the
spiritual welfare of their followers.
Parking Lot Scandal
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