The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society is a massive publishing house which has
accumulatively sent out billions of pieces of literature. This high rolling money
machine produces publications that can be compared to slow doses of poison,
impacted the lives of countless unsuspecting readers into slavishly devoting their
lives to an organization that cares only for the mass consumption of their members
finances. Considered Bible aids, Jehovah's Witnesses are tricked into believing that
only through Watchtower publications can one fully understand the Scriptures. Yes,
in the efforts for mass financial consumption, Watchtower leaders train their
followers to believe that it is impossible to grasp the true meaning of the Scriptures
without guidance from them and their publications. The financial growth and
success of the Society from Watchtower publications alone is certainly phenomenal
and through examining the following evidence one can solidly conclude that the
Watchtower organization is nothing more than a business utilizing millions of sales
reps everyday to peddle their goods.
In 1991, the Watchtower Society went to a donation arrangement, in turn losing a
major source of cash flow. The same thing happened a few years later when they
stopped the food service at Circuit Assemblies and District Conventions. In the
desperate attempts to maintain financial growth, the Society wrote strongly worded
letters to bodies of elders instructing them to make up for the lost cash flow. This
approach has gradually proven successful, to the extent that the Society has more than
made up for the losses. Although the Watchtower Society is undeniably frugal with
their finances, the same cannot be said for Jehovah's Witnesses as a whole. One
example is the way they distribute Watchtower and Awake! magazines to subscribers.
The United States postal rates for magazines are low compared to most of the world,
and so the Watchtower utilizes the United States post office to mail the magazines to
subscribers. In view of this, the Society has instructed local Jehovah's Witnesses to
run around distributing the magazines. Of course, this is a real inconvenience both to
the Witnesses and to the subscribers. The Witnesses (substitute-postmen) must spend
time and money doing what the Post Office can do much cheaper. The subscribers get
hit-or-miss delivery of this important "spiritual food". This cheap trick once again
reiterates the fact that the Watchtower Society cares more for their own financial gain
than the welfare of their loyal followers.
Yes, perhaps no other single religious organization uses the printed page so
extensively, comparatively dwarfing the majority of other religious bodies, even the
United States Catholic Church. But, how much money actually comes in from the
sale of all these publications? Although the United States branch of the Watchtower
organization will not provide financial figures, it is estimated that about 30% of its
income is from donations for literature. It has been acknowledged that the donations
the Society receives from literature covers most of the entire organizational needs
including missionaries, branch offices, and so on. In the late 1980's, it was estimated
that the income from magazines alone exceeded $1,780,000 per week. In 2007 it is
safe to say that this figure is three million dollars per week. The Watchtower Society
has undoubtedly created a cash cow with magazines and books alone. To release just
one new book at the yearly District Convention brings an automatic sale of at least
six million books. Run the numbers, if donations of just one dollar were given for
each book would add up to a monumental figure of six million dollars. This is an
extremely underestimated figure.
According to the 1975 Yearbook
of Jehovah's Witnesses on page
32, a print run of 51,663,097
bound books, 18,232,169
booklets and almost a half billion
Watchtower and Awake!
magazines were printed.
When publishers (Watchtower sales people) pick up literature at the Kingdom Halls
or assembly sites, they are encouraged and entrusted to pay for the literature by
placing their own money in the worldwide work contribution box. When the
literature is placed (sold) in the door to door work, and the Witnesses receive
donations, they are instructed to keep account of this money by placing it in a
specially marked envelope until the next meeting where they will place it in the
worldwide box at the Kingdom Hall. Through placing their own money for the
literature and the money collected from the door to door work for the literature, the
Watchtower Society makes out like bandits. Yes, the esoteric money making
machine known as the Watchtower Society collects money twice for the same
publications, hence the term "double dipping". This "spirit directed" organization
(business) comes out smelling like a rose.
Business schemes that are based on religion have obviously worked for the
Watchtower Society. The leaders of this multi-billion dollar corporation and
publishing house shamefully attempt to conceal their financial success and their
money making schemes from loyal followers.
While cleverly masquerading as a financially
modest Christian religion, the Watchtower
Society will stop at nothing in utilizing
underhanded business schemes for the mass
consumption of finances. One such devious
business scheme is that of "double dipping".
This indeed is the divine business plan of the ages. How clever the Society is in
suggesting that they are "God directed" as opposed to the way other organizations
are financed.
An estimated 100 million copies of the Watchtower
Society's New World Translation (which Jehovah's
Witnesses refer to as the Bible) have been printed in
some thirty languages in whole or in part.
The tenth billionth piece of literature was reached sometime between 1988 or 1989
and the twentieth billionth piece around the year 2000. The two key periodicals for the
Watchtower organization are the Watchtower and Awake! magazines, which in the
current year 2007, have a combined yearly printing of over one billion 40 million in
some 235 languages. These two publications (Watchtower and Awake) rival TV
Guide and Readers Digest and is said to outsell Time, Newsweek, US News and
World Reports.
Through these underhanded business
schemes, the Watchtower Society has
been tricking their followers into
believing the organization they
slavishly devote their lives to is
struggling financially. It is only
through Watchtower trickery and
outright underhandedness that this high
rolling money machine continues to
maintain loyal followers and their
financial contributions. So, the next
time you read or hear the Watchtower
Society encourage you to donate your
money or assets to them, bare in mind
that they are nothing more than a
greedy and esoteric Society more
concerned for their own financial gain
than the welfare of their loyal
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