The Watchtower Society has published various pop psychology articles on
depression and similar mental illness topics, intentionally omitting the fact that their
own loyal followers suffer severely from mental illnesses. Although the rate of
mental illness among Jehovah's Witnesses is extremely high, Watchtower leaders do
not draw attention to it. However, if a loyal Witness is suffering, the elders are given
instruction from the "slave" to discourage them from seeking professional help, a
cleverly designed Watchtower tactic to prevent them from speaking to professionals
who will warn them that the cause of their problems is the mind controlling
institution in which they are devoting their lives to. To maintain loyal followers,
Watchtower leaders train them to believe that their mental distress is due to their
lack of participation within the organization, pray more and study harder for the
meetings is the wise instruction from the "slave". However, through increasing their
loyalty to the very organization that brought them to their mental instabilities in the
first place will only intensify their problem. Yes, slavishly devoting their lives to an
organization that cares more for their own financial gain than the mental welfare of
their loyal followers is something which should enter the minds of Jehovah's
Witnesses. We encourage you to review the following media to further solidify why
many Jehovah's Witnesses suffer with mental illnesses and not even know why.
The following audio clip is from a lecture given by the renowned doctor of
psychology and author Jerry Bergman Ph.D:
Mental Distress in the Watchtower
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