"Happy is the people whose God is Jehovah!"  The Watchtower Society cleverly
interprets these words as a description of the members from the Watchtower
organization, otherwise known as Jehovah's Witnesses. This Biblical verse and others
are inculcated into the minds of Jehovah's Witnesses to force them to believe that they
alone are the only truly happy people on earth. Although most Jehovah's Witnesses
would like to accept this as truth, their own situations are the complete antithesis of
this Watchtower belief. Because most Witnesses equate the organization with true
happiness, the very thought of leaving "the truth" causes great fear and anxiety. Sadly,
Jehovah's Witnesses suffering with anxiety and fear believe the cause to be their own
lack of theocratic activities within the organization. Witnesses believe that their well
being and loyalty to Jehovah is based upon more time in field service, or diligent
study for Sunday's Watchtower lesson. They are tricked into believing that remaining
active in the organization will reduce mental difficulties and strengthen their loyalty
to Jehovah in this time of the end. In the pursuits of being a "good Witness",
Watchtower followers are entangled in a theocratic web of anxiety and fear. In the
efforts to live up to their title
"the happiest people on earth", Jehovah's Witnesses
spend their lives in servitude to the very root of their anxieties, the Watchtower
Society. We encourage you to view the following video, and then review the material
below to further solidify the fact that the Watchtower Society instills fear into their
followers for mass financial gain.
Perhaps the most outstanding example of instilled fear within Jehovah's Witnesses is
the impending arrival of Armageddon. Jehovah's Witnesses are tricked into the belief
that surviving Armageddon is based upon their loyalty to Jehovah (the organization).
Watchtower leaders masterfully instill this fear to recruit and retain loyal followers.
Without pressing the impending arrival of Armageddon and the importance of sticking
to the organization as all cults do, the Watchtower Society would fail in their efforts
to retain loyal followers.
Jehovah's Witnesses are constantly warned of remaining
"no part of the world". The Watchtower Society instills
fear into their followers by claiming that everything
outside the organization is "worldly" and tools from
Satan. Movies, music, books, parties, the Internet, and
various other normal activities are highly discouraged by
the Watchtower Society. Witness minds are controlled
into believing that the best way of living is through the
Watchtower's theocratic activities. Does the Watchtower
Society prevent their members from "worldly" things
because they are looking out for their best interests as they
serve God? Nothing could be further from the truth. The
Watchtower Society uses this tactic to gain control over
their followers and prevent them from leaving the
organization. Living in constant fear of anything "worldly"
is masterfully instilled within Jehovah's Witnesses by
Watchtower leaders. This is a defining cult tactic utilized
by the Society to maintain members and their financial
The Watchtower". 11/15/1981.pg.16
Jehovah's Witnesses excessive fear of anything "demonized" is paralyzing to their
thinking. The Watchtower Society emphatically and unhesitatingly embeds this fear in
the minds of its members with sinister motives. Jehovah's Witnesses are cautioned
against purchasing items at thrift stores and garage sales, in fear of demons inhabiting
items such as clothing, furniture and jewelery. Anyone who leaves the Watchtower
organization and turns so-called "apostate" is also labeled as demonic, under the
influence of Satan the Devil. By instilling fear into their followers regarding things that
are so-called "demonized", Watchtower leaders are able to keep their members and
their financial contributions.
The Watchtower Society trains their followers to believe that so-called "apostate"
information is a tool used by Satan to prevent them from serving Jehovah. Is this the
real reason why the Society saturates the warnings of apostate literature within their
publications? On the contrary, Watchtower leaders masterfully saturate these warnings
to prevent members from exposure to the erroneous teachings and the real "truth"
behind the curtains of the Watchtower organization. By instilling fear into their
followers regarding apostate materials, Watchtower leaders are able to keep their
members and their financial contributions. Yes, the Society uses this clever cult-like
tactic out of fear of losing members and ultimately losing money. Due to the Internet,
many active Jehovah's Witnesses are subjecting themselves to so-called "apostate"
materials, whether they be on "You Tube", "My Space", or critical websites such as
this, and this can be proven. Slowly but surely, this will allow Jehovah's Witnesses to
open their eyes to the deceptive and financially hungry organization they slavishly
devote their lives to.
How about those who have viewed such critical materials regarding the real "truth"
about the Watchtower organization? When the real "truth" has been exposed to a
curious Witness through critical media, the fear of leaving weighs upon their mind and
creates extreme anxiety. By acting upon their "doubts" and researching critical media
about the Watchtower organization, the conscious Jehovah's Witness is plagued with
an encumbering decision. Based on the truths they discovered through this critical
material, should they leave the organization and sever all ties with the family and
"friends" they have come to know? Despite knowing the real "truth", do they stay in the
organization out of fear of losing family members and friends? Those who choose to
stay are defined as the "conscious class". These are members who are aware of
Watchtower Society's lies, but sadly continue to stay in the organization out of fear.
The fear instilled into Jehovah's Witnesses is masterfully and carefully orchestrated by
the Watchtower Society. Whether the Society is emphatically reiterating the fear of
anything "worldly" or the impending arrival of Armageddon, Watchtower leaders are
succeeding in retaining loyal followers and their finances. As long as Jehovah's
Witnesses remain active within this organization, their fears will subside resulting in
the deepest of anxieties. These devious and cult-like tactics utilized by the Watchtower
Society prevents loyal followers from exposure to the real "truth" behind the
Watchtower Society.
  • Let's review some of the outstanding fears of Jehovah's Witnesses as
    brought out from the lecture above:
Image taken from Learn From
the Great Teacher. pg.146.
The Watchtower.3/15/86.pg.12.
The Watchtower.8/15/72.pg.506.
Jehovah's Witnesses are constantly embedded with the fear of bringing reproach upon
Jehovah's organization. With this mentality, they heed the warnings from the Society
regarding "apostate" literature. Jehovah's Witnesses are warned of the dangers
regarding "worldly" information about Jehovah's organization.
The Watchtower Society incessantly
pollutes the minds of their followers with
false reasoning and outright lies.
Jehovah's Witnesses are falsely taught that
"doubts" is an instrument from
Satan to turn loyal followers away from
Jehovah (the organization). If any Witness
begins to question the all encumbering
authority of the Watchtower Society, they
are falsely classified as being spiritually
weak, or as most active Witnesses put it
"they're not doing good". Watchtower
leaders trick their followers to believe
that "having doubts" is the result of
having low meeting attendance or lack of
participation in theocratic activities
within the organization. On the contrary,
those who begin to have doubts is the
result of them opening their eyes to the
ever changing doctrines of the
Watchtower Society.
Fear & Anxiety in the Watchtower
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