At some point in life, many of us had looked up in the sky at the clouds and
attempted to ascertain shapes which resemble everyday objects or words. Some see
animals or words, and some are able to see faces. In fact, one could look at just
about anything and ascertain shapes or images. Although this is true, many skeptics
equate these Sunday afternoon activities with that of subliminal images. However,
subliminal images are an entirely different matter. Something that is subliminal lies
below the threshold of consciousness, something that is accepted in the back of your
mind. A subliminal image or message is deliberately inserted to allow one to
subconsciously connect with the subject matter, without even realizing it. Although
the subject of the Watchtower and subliminal images is much cause for debate, our
intent is certainly not to prove these images exist. The validity of the images and
messages inconspicuously placed within Watchtower art is perhaps a subject which
will never reach a solidified conclusion.
We encourage everyone to watch the following video prior to viewing the images, or
feel free to listen while you view them. If you choose not to, simply view the images and
make the judgement call yourself. For those who say
"I don't think the images are there
and besides, why would the Watchtower put them there?"
Perhaps for the same reason
the Walt Disney art department had incorporated sexually explicit material within their
feature length cartoons. Deliberate insertions of subliminal images or messages allows
the victims to subconsciously connect with enticing subject matter, in turn becoming
more attracted to the very origins of what made them think of it in the first place.
Many debate the topic of subliminal images for the sheer
fact that it is easier to accept the images do not exist, than
to explain why they are there in the first place, particularly
within Watchtower art. Darek Barefoot (a former
Jehovah's Witness) was the forerunner in concluding that
occultism was being secretly promoted within
Watchtower publications through subliminal images
placed within the artwork. Barefoot wrote a book about
his discoveries entitled Jehovah's Witnesses & the Hour of
In his book he states: "In analyzing illustrations I had learned to pay attention to
patterns of lines that looked unnatural, that seemed to interrupt the logical shape or
visual texture of the object being represented....Wrinkles in any garment, especially one
made of bulky material, lie parallel or at acute angles and do not intersect one another
in crisp corners." pg.14.
 After Barefoot's extensive research regarding Watchtower art,
he presented the images to the Society as well as other Jehovah's Witnesses. As an
active Jehovah's Witness, Barefoot was rightfully concerned with his discoveries and
presented them to the Watchtower Society. Despite his concern, Barefoot was
reprimanded from the Society for spreading rumours, and in turn was disfellowshipped.
Oddly enough, the picture to the left was printed
in the first edition of the book on page 244. In
the later edition (1989) they replaced this picture
with the "more detailed" image above.
The Watchtower 11/1/89. pg.10
The first image you see here is a
blatant summary of just how cruel
and deceptive the Watchtower
Society really is. The marquee
above the theatre depicts an
anagram (a form of puzzle in
which the letters are to be
rearranged to spell something
else). The anagram reads:
Tups Thru Daily"
When the letters are rearranged the marquee message reads "Jests Put Thru Daily".
Through the use of subliminal messaging, the Watchtower Society is mocking their
loyal followers for continuing to fall for the greatest hoax in religious history.
The triangle pendant on the necklace carried by the thief clearly contains a round
seal Satanic symbol from the textbook of witchcraft
"The Grimoire of Honorius".
The triangle contains a black disc with a white crescent moon inset. When the
crescent moon is facing the left (as depicted in the thief's hand), it is facing the
direction of Lucifer.
You Can Live Forever on
Paradise Earth. pg.19.
You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth pg. 244
The image we see here is yet
another example of the obvious
images placed within
Watchtower art. The head of the
Greek God Zeus was not so
inconspicuously placed on the
skirt of the woman walking her
dog. You be the judge.
The Watchtower. 2/1/83. pg.17
The sleeve on the garment  
in this image appears to
have a monster-like profile
with the word
"JAh" in it's
mouth. Have you ever seen
wrinkles in clothes spell
out names before?
Here is yet another example of blatant imagery placed
within Watchtower art. Notice the wrinkles in the hand
are not wrinkles at all, it is a face. Could this be the face
of Pan, the Greek god who watches over flocks, forests,
mountains, and all wild things?
The Greek God Pan
Revelation Its Grand Climax At Hand. pg.159.
The Watchtower.2/15/
Notice the position of the boy's fingers in
this picture. This position is not a
comfortable everyday "hello" hand wave.
The boy's hand was deviously drawn in this
position to indicate the horned hand gesture.
The horned hand gesture is one way
for Satanists to communicate with
one another, and not surprisingly,
Watchtower literature is saturated
with them.
Here are a few more to look for:
  • The Watchtower.6/15/
  • The Watchtower.1/15/88. pg.9.
  • The Watchtower.7/15/89. pg.8,9.
The image you see here is a
depiction of a husband gawking at
his "ram"? Not only has the
Watchtower Society so blatantly
depicted the Zodiac sign of the
Aries Ram on the picture next to
the woman, but they deliberately
directed the husband's eyes and
clinched fist to not his wife, but to
the ram.
Worship the Only True
The images you have just seen are simply a fraction of the strange images and
messages inconspicuously placed within Watchtower art. Though many debate this
topic, one thing must be kept in mind. The Governing Body at the Watchtower Society
has made it clear that they personally review all of the artwork before it is published.
This being the case, why would they allow images which resemble something out of
the ordinary to be published? Michael Graves, an expert in photomicrography and
illustration, who studied at Bakersfield College said:
"At first glance the illustrations I
examined appeared to be quite normal, but after closer examination, it becomes
apparent that there are many images and symbols integrated into the scenes"
. Charles
Hardy, an expert for some 30 years at Mesa State College stated:
"I agree the imagery
is there and is intentional"
. Although faces or strange images can be construed from
just about anything, we hope the small portion of examples provided are profoundly
noticeable, clearly seen, and extremely detailed. If these images do indeed exist, one
can conclude that the Watchtower Society's theme is constant. Deliberately inserting
images to subconsciously direct the minds of loyal followers into the opposite
direction of the illuminating light of the Bible would not be something to put past the
devious Watchtower Society.
Quotes above were taken from The Hour of Darkness by Darek Barefoot.
Subliminal Images in Watchtower Literature
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