Ask any loyal Jehovah's Witness about Charles Taze Russell's
writings on pyramidology and their response will undeniably
"The apostates made it up" or "the Society has already
explained it to us, and we've received new light since then."

Although Jehovah's Witnesses are entirely ignorant of logic
and facts, it should be of utmost importance for all loyal
Watchtower members to know the real history behind the
religious organization they submit their lives to. The real
"truth" is that the Watchtower Society has gone to great
lengths in the efforts to conceal their historically documented
occult connections, through the rhetoric of receiving "new
light", or "progressive understanding"
(See New Light) Was
Charles Taze Russell a pyramidologist, further what is
pyramidology? Did the Watchtower Society through the
claims of being "Jehovah's channel of communication"
continue to teach this occult practice long after Russell's
death? The following information will provide answers to
these questions, and prove that the Watchtower Society is not
at all directed by Jehovah, rather a small group of very
wealthy men in Brooklyn New York.
Although loyal Jehovah's Witnesses don't
know the real "truth" behind the organization,
their leaders seem to think that the history of
the organization is of
"special interest to
Jehovah's Witnesses"
Although they
acknowledge Russell  
believed the pyramid to be
God's Stone Witness, they
fail to admit that the
Watchtower Society
continued promoting
pyramid teachings years
after Russell's death in
1916, well into the
second presidency of
Joseph Rutherford.  
Before the Internet, concealing
the history of Jehovah's
Witnesses was a lot easier for
the Watchtower Society. In the 1950's,
"apostate" information began to seep out
regarding Charles Taze Russell's
involvement with pyramidology, so the
Society had to keep up. The article here
explains that
"others" had believed the
Great Pyramid was built under divine
inspiration, further naming the very
pioneers of this occult practice. The
microscopic footnote confirms that the
Bible Students also believed this until
1928, with complete disregard to the Bible
Student's leader, Charles Taze Russell.  
As mentioned above, the Watchtower Society must continually give their followers
warnings to prevent them from exposure to so-called "apostate" information, feeding
them half truths to prevent loyal members from leaving. In the 1990's, the Watchtower
Society published the book
"Jehovah's Witnesses Proclaimers of God's Kingdom". The
book contains a whitewashed and inconclusive version of the history of Jehovah's
Witnesses, leaving readers entirely confused because of its half truths.
(See Screen 2:Secrets)
Through the claims: "the apostates made it up", Jehovah's Witnesses are entirely
ignorant to the fact that Charles Taze Russell indeed wrote a seven set volume of
"Bible aids" entitled Studies in the Scriptures. These books contain undeniable proof
that Russell and his Bible Students believed the pyramid to be of great prophetic
significance. Regardless of the claims to receiving "new light", Jehovah never would
have allowed for these books to have been published through his name, as the
Watchtower Society so claims with all of their literature. Let's read what Russell
pompously stated about his own publications:
Russell states above that no one can understand the Bible without his publications.
Since the Watchtower Society still speaks highly of Brother Russell and how Jehovah
was directing his efforts, why don't modern day Jehovah's Witnesses read these

Now that we have established the above facts, what exactly is pyramidology, and did
Russell really promote such an occult practice within his publications? Let's continue
to find out the answers to these very important questions. You will learn that although
the modern day Watchtower Society has abandoned the idea, they continued to press the
1914 doctrine and the generation of this year well in to the 1990's.
The Watchtower. 5/15/
When myriads of books and Internet websites began exposing Russell's connection
with the pyramids, it was necessary for the Society to release this publication
containing frosted explanations for Russell's pyramid involvement.
In the 1920's, (after Russell's death) the Watchtower magazine continued to teach
that the Great Pyramid was God's Stone Witness.
"The great Pyramid of Egypt,
standing as a silent and inanimate witness of the Lord, is a messenger; and its
testimony speaks with great eloquence concerning the divine plan."
The Watchtower. 5/15/25.pg148.
The Watchtower Society is
masterful at giving their followers
just enough information to cover
their erroneous tracks, but they
never provide the whole truth. In
the year 2000, a Watchtower study
article featured information
regarding Charles Taze Russell's
book containing a chart with the
Great Pyramid. The article
mockingly stated that some
thought the Great Pyramid
indicated the
"time of the great
, and that some Bible
Students became engrossed with
pyramid measurements. The
Society negates to explain these
Bible Students believed this
because of their leader, Charles T.
Russell. And as you will see
shortly, Russell told his followers
that without reading his books,
one cannot understand the Bible.
This "half truth" Watchtower
article further mentions that the
Society's view toward these
demonic practices changed in
1928, but notice how cleverly they
state the Watchtower changed this
view not Jehovah. But, who
exactly changed this view?
In the November 15th 1928 issue of the Watchtower, Joseph Rutherford changed this
occultic teaching regarding the Pyramid by referring to it as "Satan's Bible":
"It is more
reasonable to conclude that the great pyramid of Gizeh, as well as the other pyramids
thereabout, also the Sphinx, were built by the rulers of Egypt and under the direction
of Satan the Devil....Then Satan put his knowledge in dead stone, which may be called
Satan's Bible, and not God's stone witness..."
 So, does this mean for nearly fifty years
that Jehovah himself allowed Satanic teachings to saturate Watchtower literature that
claimed to be through Him? This is just more evidence that the Watchtower
organization is not directed by Jehovah, rather wealthy men in Brooklyn New York.
Rutherford's intent on reversing this teaching was undoubtedly to deviate from the
teachings of the posthumous Pastor Russell, who maintained followers even after his
death and until this day.
(Modern day "Russellites" are known as the Millennial Dawn group.)
Studies in the Scriptures
  • What are Jehovah's Witnesses told regarding Charles
    Taze Russell and his Great Pyramid connections?
Jehovah's Witnesses Proclaimers of Jehovah's Kingdom. pg.42.
Jehovah's Witnesses Proclaimers of
Jehovah's Kingdom. pg.201.
The Watchtower. 1/1/2002
The Watchtower. 9/15/
The only thing that remains clear is the year 1914, the year that Jehovah's Witnesses
rest their entire ideology upon, was one of the dates that Charles Taze Russell
concocted in the measuring of the pyramids. Therefore, one can conclude that the
modern day Watchtower Society is slowly removing this date from their doctrines due
to the difficulty of keeping its origin concealed. If the origins of this date do not make
Jehovah's Witnesses question the organization they devote their lives to, we are not
sure what will. If Jehovah's Witnesses still refute this information, the nine foot stone
pyramid with
symbol engraved on its side (which sits adjacent to Russell's grave) serves as mute
testimony to the Watchtower Society's involvement with pyramidology:
Why would Jehovah change his mind on the occult practice of pyramidology? Jehovah
did not change his mind, the Watchtower Society did. This change in doctrine is not
"new light", it is evidence of the fact that God does not direct the Watchtower Society
and further proof that he never has. According to Watchtower dogma, Jehovah's
Witnesses still believe Charles Taze Russell to be part of the little flock or of the
144,000 anointed remnant. Surely if he was part of this elite class Jehovah would not
have allowed him to teach such occult practices within Watchtower literature.
Russell began to incorporate his
teachings on pyramidology within his
publications. Most predominantly is
Volume three of the Studies in the
Scriptures publications. Russell included
descriptions of his visits, pyramid
measurements, and pinpointed to
supposed prophetic dates.
Studies in the Scriptures. Volume.3. pg.342.
Charles Taze Russell's
grave.Cemetery Lane,
outskirts of Pittsburgh,
What is the Real Truth?
These Studies in the
Scriptures books prove that
Russell played
date ping-pong"
. When
Russell's prophesies
regarding 1914 were not
fulfilled, he simply changed
the time of trouble to begin
in 1915.
(For an in depth
analysis on Russell's
prophetic date ping pong,
Studies in the Scriptures. Volume.3.
From Volume two of
Russell's publications, he
concluded that 1914 was the
date at which Armageddon
would occur. However from
Volume 3 (shown here)
Russell revised the year
1914 as the beginning of the
time of trouble, not
necessarily the date in which
Armageddon would occur.
So, what is the real truth about Charles Taze Russell and the Great Pyramid?
Pyramidology is an occult practice used to conclude prophetic years through
pyramid measurements. In the 1800's, many religious fringe groups in America
began incorporating Egyptian artifacts into their religious beliefs. Many religious
leaders believed there was "prophetic spirit" which emanated through the Pyramids
in Egypt. Although Russell's writings displayed pompous overtones, very few of his
teachings had originated with himself. Russell was extremely influenced by others, in
turn jumping on the pyramidology bandwagon, like many others believing the
Pyramid to be of great significance or God's Stone Witness.
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