Although there are nearly one hundred alterations
within the newly revised book "Revelation Its Grand
Climax At Hand" , the paragraph on page 125 still
contains the same morbid information.
The 24-elders described here
are the members of the
remnant of the 144,000, or
the anointed. According to
the Watchtower Society's
teachings, the ones who have
died and gone to heaven from
this anointed class are
involved in the
"communicating of divine
This communicating
is referred to as flashes of
"divine light", perhaps more
fitting to be described as
Satanic practices.
After the founder of the
Watchtower Society's
(Charles Taze Russell) death
in 1916, the members of
the Society believed that he
was still managing every
feature of the Harvest work
beyond his grave.
Through the claims of being
"greatest corporation in
the world"
, Watchtower
members at this time
believed that Russell was
still communicating with his
earthly organization, even
though he had passed away.
Despite the claims of being
"God's chosen organization",
communicating with the
dead is an occult practice
used by Watchtower leaders
which God Himself would
never have any connection
Russell believed that the shape of the brain measures
ones desire to worship God, not the Holy Spirit.
"Man's head is shaped differently;
therefore he can think of subjects about which the lower
animals cannot think... A man with a head of a given
shape cannot think with the same breadth of mind as a
man with a better shaped head -- a man who is less
fallen. Some have lost more, others less, of the original
perfection, of the original intelligence, given man in his
The Watchtower Reprints.1/15/1915
The Watchtower. 3/15/1913. {5201}
Revelation Its Grand Climax at
Hand! Revision. pg.125.
Although the Watchtower Society continues to paint a soft and fuzzy portrayal of their
founding father, the facts prove that Charles Taze Russell was a bona fide false prophet,
a womanizer and an occult practicer. Since Jehovah's Witnesses believe Russell was
directed by Jehovah, why would Jehovah not let him know that these occult practices
were unacceptable? Surely Jehovah Himself despises such practices and would not have
allowed for them to be used in an organization claiming to be through His name. This
is clearly not a man who was being directed and guided by God. What other practices
was Russell involved with that refutes his claim to have been directed by Jehovah God?
According to the Watchtower Society, the "present
understanding of Bible truths"
can be traced back
to Charles Taze Russell, and this history should be
of utmost importance to modern day Jehovah's
Witnesses. Since they believe this to be true, which
modern day Watchtower article can one find
information on Phrenology?
Jehovah's Witnesses Proclaimers of God's
Knowledge book. pg.110
Studies in the Scriptures. Vol. 7. The Finished Mystery. pg.485.
Studies in the Scriptures. Vol. 7. The Finished Mystery. pg.144.
You Can Live Forever on Paradise Earth. pg.97.
Although it unknown by all modern day Jehovah's Witnesses, Charles Taze Russell had
close connections with Freemasons, an international esoteric society. Many skeptics
have attempted to discredit his connection with the Freemasons, also denying such
associations were connected with occult practices. Although much debate exists as to
whether or not Russell was a Freemason, the fact remains that he exalted the Mason's
beliefs and their teachings to the extent of using Masonic images within his own
publications. In fact, Masonic imagery saturated early Watchtower publications.
Although Russell denied having direct knowledge of Masonic practices and considered
such things to be
"grievous evils" (Zion's Watch Tower.6/1895. pg.143) he continued to
exalt their beliefs and use their occult symbols within his literature . Before we discuss
these symbols, let's review a discourse given by Pastor Russell regarding his view
towards Masons.
Recognizing Russell's supportive view toward Freemasonry, would it not be surprising
that Masonic symbols were saturated within his publications, including the first
Watchtower magazines?
Bible Students Convention Report. 1913.
Bible Students Convention Report. 1913.
Russell pompously  
eluded to those within
"divine masonry"
(including himself) as
the only ones with
spiritual insight, and that
these things were
intended only for them.
The Idolatrous Masonic Egyptian
symbol of the winged Sun-Disk graced
the covers of many early Watchtower
publications. This Pagan idolatrous
symbol represents the mythological
Egyptian god Ra. According to
Webster's Universal Unabridged
"The sun god, principal god
of the ancient Egyptians usually depicted
as having the head of a hawk and
wearing the solar disk as a crown."
Although Russell used this idolatrous symbol on the covers of his books, he claimed
his use of the winged solar-disk originated from his understanding of Malachi 4:2,
(which denotes a sun with wings), believing it to be a symbol that Christ's millennial
Kingdom had begun. Jehovah's Witnesses must recognize that God would never have
allowed such a symbol in a publication coming through His name. Surely Jehovah
Himself knows the origins of such a symbol and would not have allowed for it to be
used in Watchtower publications, regardless of Russell's fabricated reason for using it.
Let's continue on the Watchtower organization's ghastly trail of the occult.
Studies in the Scriptures.
Awake! 12/22/
Of monumental interest is the
Watchtower Society perhaps
inadvertently noted that this
Egyptian symbol is idolatrous,
with no mention of the fact that
it graced the covers of their
previous publications.
The cross and crown symbol shown here is the
exact symbol of the Knights Templar logo of
Freemasonry. Another Masonic symbol is the
Knights of Malta symbol, located on the right hand
corner. The Watchtower discontinued the use of
these symbols regarding them as
1975 Yearbook of Jehovah's Witnesses
Although the Watchtower Society has
made a vast array of changes within
their teachings over the years,
necromancy still remains a part of their
dogma. Jehovah's Witnesses will
irrefutably deny that the so-called
Christian organization they devote their
lives to would be involved with such an
occult practice, but the evidence that
they are is overwhelming. Since Charles
Taze Russell was supposedly part of
this 24-elders group (anointed remnant
of 144,000), does this mean the
Watchtower Society is still using him to
dispense information to publish within
Watchtower literature?
The Watchtower.1/1/
Modern day Jehovah's
Witnesses still believe that  
Russell was used by
Jehovah in the establishment
of the Watchtower Society.
Was Jehovah really using
Russell, a man who believed
you must have the right
shaped head for
worshipping God?
Can you imagine a religious organization that professes to use
the Bible but has origins with some of the most ghastly occult
practices despised by God? As difficult as it may be to accept,
the Watchtower Society is one such religious organization.
Jehovah's Witnesses are forced into believing that the
organization of which they associate is directed by God, when it
is indeed not. Although loyal Watchtower followers recognize
that occult practices are condemned within the Bible, they are
totally oblivious to the fact that their own leaders utilize such
ungodly and ghastly practices within this so-called Christian
organization. The following evidence provided will serve as
transparent evidence that the Watchtower Society has and still is
involved with occult practices, continuing to deceive loyal
followers into the greatest hoax in religious history.
Jehovah's Witnesses will attempt to refute
this information through the claims that
Jehovah's organization has progressively
come to understand these practices are no
longer acceptable to Jehovah. Despite this
illogical reasoning, the Watchtower
Society is still involved with this occult
practice which is known as necromancy.
Necromancy is a practice used in black
magic to communicate with the dead.
After much public knowledge that Greber was indeed a
spiritist and the Watchtower Society had used his translation
to support their own doctrines, the Society was forced to
fabricate this "Questions from Readers" to rid themselves of
any connections with Greber's translation. According to this
article, the Society admits they recognized Greber as a
spiritist from the foreword of his 1980 edition of "The New
Testament". The Society had also
"deemed it improper to
make use of a translation that has such a close rapport with
. Although the Society is attempting to state that
they were unaware Greber was a spiritist until the 1980
edition of "The New Testament", the article we had read
from 1956 Watchtower magazine proves the Society has
always been aware of the fact that Greber was a spiritist.
The late Johannes Greber was a known spiritist who claimed spirits showed him what
words to use in his Bible translation entitled "The New Testament", published in
1937. Although his publication was translated through the occult practice of
necromancy and is said to have been written
"with the help of God's spirit world", the
Watchtower Society had numerously referenced to Greber's translation in the efforts
to support their erroneous translation of John 1:1. Although Jehovah's Witnesses
believe the Watchtower Society has given them the whole truth regarding this issue,
the following evidence serves as transparent evidence that Watchtower leaders
deviously conceal their history to prevent loyal followers from leaving this
multi-billion dollar corporation.
Yes, after the Watchtower Society recognized Greber as a spiritist they continued to
quote from his spirit directed translation to support their own doctrines:
  • Aid to Bible Understanding pg.1669 (as seen above)
  • Aid to Bible Understanding pg.1134
  • The Watchtower. 9/15/62. pg.554.
  • The Watchtower. 10/15/75. pg.640
  • The Watchtower. 4/15/1976. pg.231
  • The Word. pg.5
Despite their ignorant "new light" beliefs, Jehovah's Witnesses must come to the
realization that their current doctrines rest on ungodly ground. The changes in the
Watchtower Society's teachings cannot be "progressive understanding", for God
Himself would not confuse true followers of Him and His Word. These facts serve as
transparent evidence that the Watchtower Society is not at all directed by God. God
Himself would have nothing to do with a deceptive, underhanded and occult
practicing organization such as the Watchtower Society.
Johannes Greber and "The
New Testament".1937
In this article "Triumphing over Wicked
Spirit Forces"
, the Watchtower Society
makes reference to the introduction
from the 1937 edition of the New
Testament by Johannes Greber.
According to the passage within this
article, Greber was indeed a spiritist
who communicated with
"the world of
God's spirits"
.  The Society recognized
that Greber's translation of the New
Testament was indeed created under the
influence of spirits. Now that we know
the Watchtower Society recognized
Johannes Greber as a spiritist back in
1956, surely the Society's publications
wouldn't cite Greber's
translation to support their own
The Watchtower. 2/15/
On the contrary. Here is just one of the many
references to Johannes Greber's
translation within Watchtower literature to
support their renderings of John 1:1. Yes
indeed, The Society had cited Greber in
positive context
after the article was published
regarding their acknowledgement of Greber's
spiritualistic translation.
"Aid to Bible Understanding"
The Watchtower.4/1/83.
Notice the date of the letter being 1980, twenty-four years after the 1956 Watchtower
magazine in which the Society had recognized Johannes Greber as a spiritist.
To further solidify the undeniable fact that the Watchtower Society continued to use
Greber's translation after recognizing it to be
"spiritualistic", here is a letter obtained
by former member of the Watchtower Society Bill Cetnar:
Occult Origins
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