Through the vast array of the Watchtower Society's ever changing doctrines, the only
doctrine that remains consistent is the spiritistic claim to be Jehovah's mouthpiece. This
elitist claim is the very fabricated doctrine that the Watchtower Society uses to trick
their followers into believing everything they say is coming from Jehovah. Jehovah's
Witnesses believe if you are not in touch with this "channel of communication", your
relationship with God has no validity. But what is this so-called "channel of
communication"? Although Jehovah's Witnesses presumptuously profess to be the only
true Christians who use the Bible and dispense its truths, it should be of utmost
importance to investigate further the so-called channel used through the Watchtower
Society. Most Jehovah's Witnesses are unclear as to exactly how the information
through this channel is conveyed, merely trusting the Society's word instead of turning
to the Scriptures. The word channel is only seen in the Bible and the New World
Translation six times, with all references being to the flow of water. The Watchtower
Society twists some of these verses to support their own supernatural doctrine
regarding Jehovah's so-called channel of communication. The word channel is defined
"spiritualistic communication with spirits or demons" and a channeler is someone
who becomes a
"conduit for a deceased person". Nowhere in the Bible is the word
channel described as a supernatural conduit for God. Even if Jehovah's Witnesses are
presented with this logic and recognize God's view towards occult practices such as
supernatural communicating, they remain unaffected because they are loyal adherents to
the Watchtower Society and are convinced that their leaders dispense truths from the
Bible, even though they do not.
Due to the firm grasp of the Watchtower
Society, Jehovah's Witnesses ignore facts
and logic and believe only what the
Society tells them to believe. The Society
uses the word
"supernatural" to describe
this channel of communication,
supernatural meaning to exceed normal
bounds in connection with the occult.
According to Watchtower dogma, this
channel can only be provided through a
prophet or a prophet-like organization.
Although Jehovah's Witnesses firmly
refute it, their leaders have made myriads
of references alluding to their claim as
(Armageddon and False Prophesies)
Jehovah's Witnesses are known for
having little respect for the so-called
anointed within the Watchtower
organization. They are guilty of
concocting many refutations as to why
some claiming this title could not be,
believing that the only ones who are
still of this class are the Governing
Body members in Brooklyn. Actually,
the Watchtower Society teaches that
all anointed members comprise this
collective channel.
Yes, according to Watchtower dogma, the ones involved in this channel of
communication consist of the remnant of 144,000 anointed ones who have passed on and
are in heaven. This teaching in itself is considered necromancy, or speaking with the dead,
an occult practice condemned by God. Although Jehovah's Witnesses firmly believe the
organization they slavishly devote their lives to is under the direction of Jehovah, it is of
monumental importance that they see behind the smoke and mirrors, revealing the dark
and necromantic Watchtower Society. This is truly an organization which God Himself
would have no part of.
(See Screen 3: Occult Origins.)
Image taken from The Watchtower. 5/15/55.pg301.
The Watchtower.5/15/
The Watchtower.5/15/
Watchtower leaders utilize devious and underhanded tricks to convince their followers
that God is only communicating with the Watchtower organization, and that all other
organizations outside their own are directed by Satan the Devil. Although pure logic
escapes many Jehovah's Witnesses, it is a fact that God Himself would never have any
relationship with an esoteric and occult practicing organization claiming to use a
supernatural channel through Him. This irrefutable evidence proves that God does not
direct the Watchtower organization and further proof that he never has.
Channel of Communication
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