Let's take a look at some of the first publications regarding the Watchtower Society's
teachings on blood transfusions. The paragraph below was written in reference to the
scripture we have already mentioned at Genesis 9:4. Note how cleverly the
Watchtower Society implies that the word "transfusion" is located in the scripture
when it is not:
This is one of the first threats made in a
Watchtower magazine regarding the intake of
blood. The Watchtower Society has made it
clear that those who take in blood are
jeopardizing their chance of survival into the
new world. This is concrete evidence that the
Watchtower Society has put themselves in the
judging position for those who will receive
eternal life.
As indicated from countless Watchtower publications, Jehovah's Witnesses recognize
they are not under the Mosaic Law covenant today. Although the Watchtower Society's
publications commonly refer to this, the subject matter is never in reference to blood.
The context of the verse in Genesis does not prohibit blood itself, it is actually referring
to a certain kind of meat which contains blood. Havor Montague, Ph. D. stated within
his publication
Jehovah's Witnesses and Blood Transfusions : "If one concludes from
Genesis 9:4 that it is wrong to eat blood, then one must also conclude that it is wrong to
eat meat. This would contradict Genesis 9:3 which gives man permission to eat meat.
Since the word blood modifies the word meat, we cannot construe the passage to mean
that the eating of blood itself is forbidden."
(pgs.2,3.) So what then really constitutes as
substantial information to support the banning of blood as the Watchtower Society does?
Genesis 9:4. New World Translation
Leviticus 17:14. New World Translation.
Let's begin by reviewing the
scriptural grounds for the
Watchtower Society's ban on blood
transfusions. Although the
mistreatment of blood itself is
mentioned within the Holy Bible
and the New World Translation,
Jehovah's Witnesses abuse these
particular scriptures to support their
medical beliefs. After careful
examination, is there really anything
within these scriptures to indicate a
prohibition against blood
transfusions? Let's find out.
This verse here from Acts is
technically the only verse that the
Watchtower Society could use to
support their inconsistent doctrine,
since it is in the New Testament.
However, this does not negate the
fact that the restriction of blood
transfusions is nowhere mentioned
within this verse or any others in
the New World Translation or the
Holy Bible.
The Watchtower. 12/1/44 pg.362
In the Watchtower organization's past, articles and
statements from the Society have been made in
reference to how card carrying Jehovah's
Witnesses should respond to the ever popular
"Why don't Jehovah's Witnesses accept
blood transfusions?"
The Witnesses were told to
explain that their decisions are not based on
medical reasons, but their decisions are based on
"God's Law". However, now the Watchtower
organization predominantly stresses the medical
risks for not accepting blood transfusions, with
very little reference to the scriptural ones.
The Watchtower. 7/45.pg.198-201
Acts 15:29. New World Translation.
Could the Society be emphasising the medical risks of blood transfusions to
overshadow their false teachings that the acceptance of them is going against
God's Law? This could very well be true. We have established the irrefutable fact
that the Watchtower Society has no scriptural backing for the refusal of blood
transfusions; therefore it is entirely logical to conclude that their doctrines are not
the law of God, rather the law of the Watchtower Society. God's Word has
absolutely no information (pro or con) about blood transfusions. The only reason
why Jehovah's Witnesses refuse blood is because the Watchtower Society tells
them it is God's law to do so, not because it is. Let's examine more evidence that
crumbles the ground for this deadly doctrine.
Jehovah's Witnesses Proclaimers of God's Kingdom. pg.184.
Since the 1940's, the Watchtower Society has enforced the strict policy of refusing blood
transfusions, even in the face of death. Through the claims of this medical practice
violating "God's law", the Watchtower Society's doctrines regarding many medical issues
have proven inconsistent, further solidifying this dogma to be completely man made.
Regardless of this irrefutable fact, Jehovah's Witnesses believe the acceptance of such a
medical practice jeopardizes their relationship with Jehovah and their hope of everlasting
life. Like the cyanide punch that cult leader Jim Jones served to his members, the
Watchtower Society serves up a false doctrinal punch with the same deadly results. As we
examine the following evidence, it is clear that Jehovah's Witnesses place their lives on
not the word of God, but on a group of men who are far more concerned with the
consumption of mass financial gain than the spiritual and physical welfare of their
Is the Watchtower Society actually
suggesting that through the
transfusion of someone else's blood,
one possesses their personality
traits? Obviously the man referred to
in this story was using his
transfusion as an excuse for his
criminal behavior.
From the excerpts above, it is transparently obvious that the Watchtower Society has
gone "too far" in suggesting it is a violation of God's law for animals to receive a
blood transfusion or suggesting not to purchase pet food or fertilizer containing blood.
If my cat eats a mouse, is she guilty of eating blood and therefore jeopardizing her
chance to live on paradise earth? If God Himself commanded animals not to eat blood
(as the Society so boldly suggests), He would not have created them to do so.
Here is yet another example of the
Watchtower Society going "too far"
by taking God's intended law
entirely out of context. Considering
their view on this matter, could one
conclude that all the materials
(including plywood) used in the
construction of Kingdom Halls are
blood free?
It is obvious that the Watchtower Society has gone too far in their attempts to support
their ban on blood transfusions. Before we continue with this imperative topic, let's
examine some other medical procedures the Watchtower has chosen to ban. The
following information will prove that these teachings are completely non-Biblical and
not from Jehovah.
Are there really any valuable
lessons gained from these
excerpts? Clearly not. Is the
Watchtower Society
suggesting that the cost of
this man's surgery is more
important than the saving of
his life through this vital
medical procedure? Are
they suggesting that serious
doubt should be placed
upon all blood transfusions
even in the face of death?
Similar to all other Watchtower doctrines, this particular teaching has changed.
Jehovah's Witnesses today are free to receive vaccinations and are encouraged to do
so. This view had changed in the 1960's.  
So let's get this straight, first the Society taught that the prohibition of vaccinations
was Biblical. Next, "new light" was shed upon the organization to teach that the
prohibition against vaccinations is not Biblical at all. Could one conclude that the
Watchtower Society conveniently changed their doctrine regarding this matter
because the Governing Body and other Watchtower officials needed to receive
vaccinations to fly to foreign lands? Further, since Jehovah's Witnesses firmly
believe the Watchtower Society to be "God's channel of communication", why would
Jehovah outrightly alter his viewpoint on such a matter? This only further solidifies
the fact that God Himself would never bless the efforts of an organization which
outrightly alters His word.
"...Is not the utilizing of the flesh of another human for one's own life
It's hard to believe that at one time the Watchtower Society equated
organ transplants with cannibalism. This ban on transplants was presented as God's
law, just as the ban on transfusions, and the verses from Genesis were used to
support it. As we have established, the Watchtower Society's ban on blood
transfusions has no scriptural backing, so a ban on organ transplants is a far cry
from what God's word actually states.
The Watchtower.11/15/67. pg.703.
"The Golden Age" 2/4/31 pg.293.
With this strictly enforced yet ever
changing policy on blood, most assume
Jehovah's Witnesses should be vegetarians
to avoid the confusion altogether. But
thankfully, the Watchtower Society
explains to us that the red fluid on meat is
"extravascular fluid".
In recognition of the fact that Watchtower leaders have no scriptural backing for
the ban on blood, they are forced into printing ludicrous articles to further support
their doctrine. Jehovah's Witnesses are trained to believe that the acceptance of  
blood transfusions will always have a negative outcome. Let's review some of the
articles from the Watchtower's past to further solidify the fact that their dogma
goes too far and rests on pure foolishness.
Awake! 8/22/65 pg.20.
Here is yet another transparent example of the fact that the Watchtower Society's
teachings are man made fabrications, and not God's word. The above passages prove
that Jehovah's Witnesses are now told that there is no Biblical command forbidding
organ transplants. For almost thirteen years Jehovah's organization (the sole
dispenser of truth on earth today), changed their views on such a critical matter. What
about all of those loyal Jehovah's Witnesses who died because of the Watchtower
Society's foolish ban on transplants? Not surprisingly, this "new light" regarding
organ transplants is hardly mentioned within Watchtower publications, in the
attempts to conceal their fabricated teachings, and the deaths of many loyal followers.
So, let's clear this up for the record:
  • The Watchtower Society first banned vaccinations, now they don't.
  • Then the Watchtower Society banned transplants, and now they don't.
  • But what about the ban on blood transfusions? Will they do away with this one
    as well?
Awake! 7/8/69.pg.30.
The Watchtower. 2/15/64.pg.127
Is the Watchtower Society
actually suggesting that it is
wrong for a leech to eat blood,
which is what God Himself had
designed them to do?
The Watchtower.6/15/82.pg.31.
This argument has nothing to do with the Watchtower Society's ban on blood
transfusions and nowhere in the Bible or the New World Translation does it mention
the medical use of leeches as they have implied.
The Watchtower. 9/1/72. last page
The Watchtower.3/15/80.
The Watchtower. 11/15/64. pg.682.
The Watchtower.12/15/52.pg.764.
In the 1960's, the Watchtower Society pushed their ban toward transplants, claiming
them as cannibalistic. There was absolutely no scriptural backing for this absurd
teaching. But, all loyal followers would adhere to what the Society told them to do,
regardless of one's own personal choice. Not surprisingly, this view changed:
Although the Watchtower Society's original teachings toward vaccinations claimed to
have been taken straight from the Bible, the following article explains that objection
to vaccinations is not at all mentioned in the Bible.
Early Watchtower literature proves
that the Society originally taught  
vaccinations are a
"direct violation"
of God's law. Do you recall any
mention of vaccinations in Genesis
chapter 9?
Blood & other Medical Beliefs
In 1990, the Watchtower Society published "How Can
Blood Save Your Life?"
, a 31 page booklet outlining
Jehovah's Witnesses complex blood policy. This booklet
is another transparent example of devious
misrepresentations within Watchtower publications.
According to Kerry Louderback-Wood
State University:J.D., Florida State University)
in her essay
"Jehovah's Witnesses, Blood Transfusions, and
the Tort of Misrepresentation"
, Ms. Louderback-Wood
exposes the fact that the booklet quotes and misinterprets

"scientists and historians to bolster its position that early
Christians absolutely never ate blood."
Louderback-Wood further states: "It is a misrepresentation for the Society to quote
Priestley as an adherent to an absolute prohibition, when in fact he was not
committed to either eating or not eating blood and did not think the argument was
important enough to include in his main text. While the Society quoted Priestly's
words verbatim, the words were taken out of context leaving the reader with a false
impression that Priestley advocated total abstinence from blood."
(pg.791) Because
Jehovah's Witnesses view the Watchtower Society as their "Mother", loyal followers
take the Society's "word for it" within such publications as this, failing to do
individual research to see if the quotes stand within their original context. Through
examination of this erroneous Watchtower publication
(How Can Blood Save Your
, the facts prove that the Watchtower Society presents quotes out of context and
makes numerous blanket statements regarding the potential diseases and death rates
associated with blood transfusions. The Watchtower Society presents its followers
with a misleading and biased interpretation of certain medical literature to support
their non-Biblical and shaky doctrines. The Society's assumptions that all blood
transfusions result in deadly diseases is hardly concrete evidence to stand so firmly
on as Jehovah's Witnesses do.
Regarding the discussion of AIDS, Louderback-Wood explains: "A reader may thus
conclude after reading the medical risk section that today's blood, given the addition
of new diseases is far deadlier than 1 per 13,000 bottles. If the Society's argument is
sound, today's diseases would effectively turn blood into medical poison. The
Society distorts the actual risks of contracting Hepatitis or HIV. Informing its
readers is important because omitting relevant facts can also amount to a
misrepresentation where it leads the readers to a false conclusion."
(See Bag of Tricks: Sin of Omission) Louderback-Wood exposes the actual risks of
blood transfusions in the United States according to the Red Cross:
  • Here is a quote the Watchtower Society used within this
    devious publication to support their doctrine on blood:
The quote above comes from Joseph Priestly's religious writings entitled "The
Theological and Miscellaneous Works of Joseph Priestly".  Priestley actually
concluded his discussion by saying:
With all of this confusion, how could any Jehovah's Witness keep these doctrines
straight? Due to this outright uncertainty, the Society has invented special
committees to assist Jehovah's Witnesses with these matters, and to prevent them
from giving in and accepting blood transfusions. Let's move on to find out about
these committees.
The Watchtower Society
stresses that these worksheets
are not legal documents, but
you may use your answers on
these work sheets to help you
to complete your "durable
power of attorney". Basically,
if a Jehovah's Witness is
suffering with bed ridden
illness or they are
incapacitated and unable to
speak for themselves, the
attorney can speak for them
through the use of these work
If you are interested in receiving a copy of
this informative publication which reveals
more of the Watchtower Society's
misrepresentations, write to following
If refusing blood transfusions was really "God's law", why would he allow so much
confusion (yes and no's) on such a serious matter? Further, why is accepting fractions
of blood a violation of God's law, but fractions of fractions are not? These
contradictions have left many Jehovah's Witnesses rightfully confused. Out of
confusion the Society has invented worksheets for their own clarification as to what
they choose to accept, based on their own "Christian conscience" of course.
Worksheet 1.
How Can Blood Save Your Life. pg.5.
"The Theological and Miscellaneous Works of Joseph Priestly". pgs.376,380.
Jehovah's Witnesses, Blood Transfusions, and the Tort
of Misrepresentation".pg.799.
Although it is true that along side many other medical procedures, blood
transfusions do carry with them a certain amount of risk. Perhaps more common
than Biblical arguments, Jehovah's Witnesses favorite argument in defending their
stand on blood is this.
"Refusing blood protects us from diseases, this proves that we
have the truth."
What is contradictory however, is that Witnesses are now able to
accept some fractions of blood products which indeed can contain diseases.
The Watchtower.3/1/89.pg.30.
To clear up any confusion, here is a chart explaining what Jehovah's Witnesses
can and cannot accept:
Since the ban on blood transfusions in the 1940's, the Watchtower Society's
restrictions on medical procedures are ever changing. Just when Jehovah's Witnesses
thought their stance on blood was solidified, the Society began to alter the laws again.
In the 1980's, the Watchtower Society confirmed that whole blood along with its four
components were not permitted for transfusion, but that this did not rule out fractions
which some Witnesses would accept. How can a loyal Jehovah's Witness keep any of
this information straight? Between meetings, assemblies and field service, how would
a loyal Jehovah's Witness have time to figure out what is classified as fractions in
blood? Up until the 1990's, Jehovah's Witnesses carried the anxiety that accompanies
defending their stance on blood. Loyal Watchtower followers carried the heavy burden
of explaining to doctors and judges why they will allow their own child or themselves
to die rather than accepting this potentially life-saving medical procedure. To prevent
these loyal followers from "giving in" because of sheer confusion, the Watchtower
Society invented Hospital Liaison Committees. These committees consist of trained
elders who help support and assist loyal Jehovah's Witnesses stand on blood. These
elders take the driver's seat in the hospitals and courtrooms to speak on the behalf of
the unsure and confused Witness. With all of this medical confusion and doctrinal
flip-flop, it's no wonder the Society fabricated these committees to speak for Jehovah's
Witnesses who are entirely confused as to their own beliefs. The following recording
contains excerpts from a recent talk by an elder at a local Kingdom Hall regarding these
"Hospital Liaison Committees".
Numerical statistics are
intentionally avoided regarding
the deaths of these youths. It is
safe to say that thousands is a
staggering understatement, and
the actual number of deaths due
to this wacky Watchtower
doctrine would be frightening.
This child's life is one of
the many lives taken by an
organization that tells her
it is God's promise to
resurrect her someday on
Paradise Earth.
See Paradise Earth
When a life threatening emergency occurs, the "legal reality" is a physician can
treat minors without parental consent, which includes blood. This is another
reason why the Society invented Hospital Liaison Committees. The elders on these
committees can jump right in on behalf of these children to prevent them from
having a transfusion.
After recognition of the Watchtower Society's wishy-washy medical doctrines, it is
hard to imagine a Jehovah's Witness sacrificing the life of their own child through the
refusal of a potentially life saving treatment. The Watchtower Society morbidly sheds
light upon the many
"youths who put God first" by denying blood transfusions. It is
transparent that the Watchtower Society's ban on blood has no scriptural backing, and
the lives of countless children have been taken by the twisted doctrines of this
religious cult.
Loyal adherence to the Watchtower Society's doctrine on blood has cost thousands of
Jehovah's Witnesses their lives. How many exactly? According to David Reed's book
"Blood on the Altar":
Just like the deadly doctrines regarding vaccinations and transplants, the Watchtower
Society will slowly but surely entirely abandon their prohibition on blood. However,
abandoning the ban on blood transfusions could cause the Watchtower Society some
serious damage, suffering the consequences from the wrongful deaths of thousands
of loyal followers. This is possibly the reason why they continue with this wacky
doctrine. Nearly all blood transfusions use blood fractions, so technically Jehovah's
Witnesses could accept most blood transfusions. However, due to the sheer paranoia
the Society has instilled into their followers, most will never accept any form of
blood, even in the face of death. Until this deadly doctrine, or "killer cult" is
completely annihilated, their are many who are helping to expose the erroneous
grounds for this Watchtower teaching. Many former Jehovah's Witnesses and some
who never were are working together as a united effort to help all those who have
been touched by the deadly tentacles of the Watchtower Society. Let's all work
together to witness the Watchtower Society go out of business.
Blood, Medicine and the Law of God.1961.pg.54.
Jehovah's Witness children are
constantly indoctrinated with phony
logic regarding the refusal of blood
transfusions. Witness parents tell
their children that accepting a blood
transfusion would make Jehovah
sad. "No Blood" is as indoctrinated
into Jehovah's Witness children as
"Don't talk to strangers". Why
would any parent do this? Because
the Watchtower Society has tricked
their followers to believe that a
blood transfusion for their child
could cost them their salvation.
"A chart published in the 1993 issue of The American
Journal of Medicine shows that studies based on 1,404
operations-mostly cardiovascular surgery and hip
replacement-performed on Jehovah's Witnesses without
blood transfusions reveal that 1.4 percent of the patients
die due to lack of blood as a primary or contributing cause
of death. Extrapolating that figure to the entire
membership, if 1.4 percent die in cases where a JW
"needs" blood, and 10 percent of the five million active
Witnesses and twelve million attending JW Kingdom
Halls "need" blood each year, that 1.4 percent death rate
would mean that between seven thousand and 16,800 die
by refusing blood each year."
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