Due to the irrefutable fact that Jehovah's Witnesses view the Watchtower Society as
God's sole channel of communication, these loyal followers will do whatever their
leaders say, as illogical as it may be. Jehovah's Witnesses live their lives in an elitist
bubble, prideful for remaining separate from "worldly" things. Because a normal
thought process is clouded by the biased thoughts of having "the truth", Witnesses are
blinded to the logic gaps and cracked ground that the Watchtower Society's teachings
stand on. Jehovah's Witnesses do not realize that their non-participatory belief system
regarding holidays does not actually rest on "pagan origins" or "creature worship".
These Watchtower teachings are simply another control tactic utilized by the leaders to
prevent loyal followers from associating with "worldly" relatives. The more members
the Watchtower Society can control, the more contribution boxes will be filled. The
following information will prove that the Watchtower Society fabricates non-Biblical
and illogical teachings, undoubtedly going far "beyond the things that are written".
Birthday parties are celebrations that most children and adults look forward to.
However, for Jehovah's Witnesses "their day" is just like any other, with no celebrating
the fact that they were brought into the world. Birthdays are actually dreaded occasions
for Jehovah's Witnesses. Children are sent to the library to study during birthday
festivities at school, and adults in the work force feel rude because they can't sing
"Happy Birthday" to a co-worker or pitch in for a birthday present for them. Why would
the Watchtower Society have this ban on birthdays? Let's examine the organization's
rationale for this ban on birthdays, and the reality of these far fetched teachings.  
The men in these Biblical references were evil, not the birthday celebrations
themselves. None of these Biblical accounts suggest that these men committed evil
because of the birthday celebration. Rather than allow the individual Witness to read
the Bible and decide for themselves whether or not to celebrate birthdays, the
"faithful and discreet slave" has fabricated their own interpretation of "Gods law" and
uses this cult-like technique to enforce strict policies to gain control of their
followers and their financial contributions. Of great importance which needs to be
examined is the use of the Watchtower Society's most clever trick called the "Sin of
(See Bag of Tricks). By limiting the reference to only two birthdays
mentioned within the Bible, they intentionally omit the most important birthday
celebration of all. The greatest event in the Bible is the birth of Jesus Christ (Luke 2).
This event was celebrated by the angels with song and glory. Christ's birth was indeed
not a day of murder and wickedness, it was a day of great joy. Jesus Christ is the one
who Jehovah's Witnesses pride themselves on following, the one who sets their
Biblical example in their spiritual paradise, the one who Jehovah's Witnesses call the
greatest man who ever lived, the one who indeed had a birthday! Many outsiders do
not realize the seriousness of this strict and unwavering Watchtower policy regarding
birthdays. If a Jehovah's Witness decides to participate in the birthday celebration of a
family member or friend, they have a very good chance of being disfellowshipped and
shunned (See
Hatred). Sadly, even after a Jehovah's Witness is rescued from the
tentacles of the Watchtower, they will continue to associate birthdays with murder,
wickedness, and something condemned by Jehovah. Obedient and loyal Jehovah's
Witnesses who confidently accept this twisted Watchtower doctrine do not look at
birthdays as a day of joy and happiness. Sadly, Jehovah's Witness parents never rejoice
or express joyful reaction to their children's birthday. If loyal and obedient Jehovah's
Witness parents decide to have a day for their children, they must refer to this day as
"family day", recognizing the consequences if this strict Watchtower teaching is
The Watchtower Society enforces strict
policies on having no engagement in politics
or any forms of patriotism. As citizens of
Jehovah's Kingdom, Jehovah's Witnesses
associate all acts of patriotism with the
world, a place they are to have no part of.
Although Jehovah's Witnesses are trained to
believe that any form of human government
or organization should not be exalted, their
actions prove otherwise.
Not surprisingly, this is yet another Watchtower teaching which lies on a bed of
contradiction. Although Jehovah's Witnesses denounce all forms of patriotism, they
manifest an outright patriotic attitude themselves, with their devotion and honor given
to the Watchtower Society. Jehovah's Witnesses slavishly devote time and honor to this
human organization, basing all of their actions upon the direction of the Governing
Body and their ruling authority. Although they refuse to sing the National Anthem or
other famed patriotic songs, Jehovah's Witnesses sing rousing Kingdom Melodies
showing honor to and hailing the Watchtower organization like
"A Victory Song",
"Hail Jehovah's Kingdom", "Displaying Loyalty" and lyrics such as "Give it our
Steadfast Allegiance"
. Further, since Jehovah's Witnesses presumptuously profess to be
the only true Christians who use the Bible, it should be of utmost importance for them
to recognize that God's people can be involved in secular government. Joseph was
second in charge of Egypt (Gen.41:39-41) Nehemiah was an official in a pagan court
(Nehemiah 1:11-2:1) and Daniel served two pagan rulers. (Daniel 1:1-6, 6:1-2) In
Romans 13:1 Paul writes:
"Everyone must submit himself to the governing
authorities. ...The authorities that exist have been established by God ".
Witnesses are also trained to avoid flags at all costs, even wearing patriotic color
combinations such as red, white and blue is questionable. The Watchtower Society has
trained their followers to have a fear of this patriotic cloth, claiming its derivatives
with pagan false worship and considering it as
"an idolatrous symbol". However, the
Watchtower Society fails to note the Biblical references where God commanded Israel
to use flags as shown in Numbers chapters 1 and 2. Interestingly, early Watchtower
history proves that they have not always had this objection to flags:
"Since the Bethel
Home was established, in one end of the Drawing Room there has been kept a small
bust of Abraham Lincoln with two American flags displayed about the bust. This is
deemed entirely proper..."
(The Watchtower. 5/15/1917.pg.150.) As we can transparently
see, Jehovah's Witnesses have simply transferred their patriotic spirit of loyalty and
devotion to the Watchtower Society. Although loyal Watchtower followers become
possessed with their explanations for their beliefs, these beliefs can be simultaneously
changed through just one Watchtower article. If a new Watchtower article came out
tomorrow saying that "new light" has been shed and it is now acceptable to celebrate
the Fourth of July and participate in other patriotic practices, you can guarantee all
Witnesses would instantly disregard their prior belief system and head to the nearest
fireworks hut off the freeway.
  • In the New World Translation, the word "birthday"
    appears only in reference to Pagan rulers, Pharaoh and
    Herod. Since the birthday celebrations in connection
    with these men have deadly results, it would not be
    proper to participate in such a pagan celebration as a
    birthday. Jehovah's Witnesses are also taught not to
    participate in birthday festivities because it tends "to
    give excessive importance to the individual". Jehovah's
    Witness parents will also support this belief by claiming
    that unlike "worldly" parents, they recognize their
    children every day, not just one day of the year.
  • Jehovah's Witnesses are taught to oppose
    the celebration of Christmas for three
    reasons: No one knows the actual date of
    Christ's birth; the date on which it was
    celebrated was once a pagan holiday; and
    Christmas celebrations in general should be
    considered "worldly" because they are
    associated with overeating and drunkenness.
Christmas morning at Bethel. 1926.
Most notably, is the
(perhaps inadvertent)
celebration of the 100
year anniversary of the
Watchtower magazine.
Apparently this was
acceptable because it
was a celebration of a
magazine not a person.
The Watchtower. 11/1/79.pg.30.
  • The Watchtower Society trains their followers
    to believe that all forms of patriotism are bad.
    Jehovah's Witnesses are not allowed to salute
    the flag, vote, or give honor to any form of
    human government or organization.
In no attempts to burst their elitist bubble, but Jehovah's Witnesses fail to realize that
all true Christians recognize that the actual date of Jesus' birth is not mentioned in
the Holy Bible or the New World Translation. The point to be stressed here is that
Christ's birth did take place, regardless of the specified date being known. As
mentioned above, the greatest event in the Bible is the birth of Jesus Christ (Luke 2),
and this event was celebrated by the angels with song and glory. Although there are
many who abuse the Christmas season as a reason to have "worldly" parties and get
drunk, there are true Christians who celebrate this day to give honor to Jesus Christ.
There is nothing wrong with celebrating an event on a day other than when the event
occurred. And as for its pagan origin? Early Christians set the celebration of Jesus'
birth on December the 25th to replace the festival of Saturnalia, the pagan worship of
the sun. It is transparently obvious that Jehovah's Witnesses reasons for not
celebrating Christmas are actually not because it's "pagan" or because "they give
honor to Jesus everyday". Not celebrating Christmas is a fabricated Watchtower
Society teaching, a common tactic used by most cults to lessen the importance of
Christ and to prevent loyal members from associating with "worldly" relatives.
Watchtower leaders cleverly utilize their loyal followers (sales people) on this date
to preach in field service, in turn filling the contribution boxes with more money on
a global scale. Of monumental interest is the fact that the Watchtower Society
celebrated Christmas for many decades before they decided it was "worldly" and
"pagan". The question to be asked then is: If the Watchtower Society has always been
directed by Jehovah, why didn't Jehovah initially let them know celebrating
Christmas was wrong? Further, according to Watchtower doctrine, Jesus came back
to the earth in 1918 to judge all the churches of the world and supposedly chose the
Watchtower Society to be God's sole channel of communication. If this is so, why
didn't Jesus himself let them know in 1918 that it was wrong to celebrate his birth?
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