Can you imagine a religious organization that professes to be Christian but commits
some of the most heinous hate crimes in the world? Do you know of any religious
organization that enforces and encourages hatred toward those who leave? Although
denied by Jehovah's Witnesses, the Watchtower Society is one such religious
organization. The leaders of the Watchtower organization masterfully paint flawless
"Christian" reputations for their followers, glazing the surface to conceal deep rooted
hatred. The strictly enforced policies from the Watchtower Society deny all loyal
members from any association with those who have left the so-called "truth", including
family members and lifetime friends. When a person becomes baptized within the
Watchtower organization and later frees themselves from the bona fide cult, they are
expelled or "disfellowshipped" from the organization. Watchtower leaders provide loyal
followers with strict instruction to have nothing to do with a "disfellowshipped" person,
not even saying hello to them. Much of the Watchtower Society's literature is
tantamount to spiritual pornography with clearly defined inflammatory instructions
encouraging Jehovah's Witnesses to hate other people. An ongoing malicious campaign
of hate, an "us vs. them" attitude is clearly seen within this quasi-religious and spiritual
supremacist group. Members believe in the superiority of their "religion" over all other
religions. In this arena of spiritual elitism, spiritual lynching runs rampant. A continuous
condemning of all other faiths is readily seen. By fostering these extremist views,
Watchtower members are displaying unrestrained and overt hatred. This clearly makes
the Jehovah's Witnesses an easy to recognize "hate group". Fellow members participating
in encouraged and enforced hatred include: the Aryan Nation, the Ku Klux Klan, and
radical Islamic groups. This dangerous and destructive atmosphere is harmful and can do
an enormous amount of damage in society. Former Jehovah's Witnesses who attempt to
expose these dangerous and destructive tactics of the Watchtower Society are labeled as
"apostates", and Watchtower leaders falsely accuse such ones as leaving Jehovah to be
on Satan's side. Jehovah's Witnesses loathe apostates more than they would a murderer
or a pedophile, frightened to even look at such ones. This fear is so extreme that if a
Jehovah's Witness encounters a so-called apostate within a grocery store, they will find
the nearest produce stand to hide behind, as if they were under physical attack.
Watchtower leaders intentionally instill this fear to prevent loyal followers and their
financial contributions from leaving, realizing exposure to such "apostates" will enable
them to discover the real "truth" behind the Watchtower Society. Through examining the
following information one can transparently determine that the supposed "spiritual food"
from Jehovah is nothing more than spiritual poison clouding the minds of loyal
followers and preventing them from leaving this multi-billion dollar sales corporation.
Through the Watchtower Society's strictly
enforced policies, Jehovah's Witnesses are
constantly reminded to "hate what is bad".
The Watchtower Society must continue to
enforce hatred towards those who have
left the organization to prevent loyal
followers from speaking to these ones, in
turn learning the real truth about the
organization. The Watchtower Society has
crossed the line, by stating
"a Christian
must hate the person"
. The point is made
not just to hate the badness, but to
actually hate the person, which is not the
so-called Christian love Jehovah's
Witnesses claim to show.
Because Jehovah's Witnesses equate the organization with having a relationship with
God, they believe it is impossible for anyone to be a Christian outside the
Watchtower Society. This creates a deep rooted fear of leaving the organization
because they think they are leaving Jehovah, and a deep rooted hatred toward those
who have left, convinced these ones have left God.
Through the Watchtower Society's
devious writings, Jehovah's Witnesses
are duped into believing that hate
towards those who have left is a
display of Christian love. Blinded by
their leaders hypnotic persuasion,
loyal Watchtower followers do not
recognize that to disgust, loathe, abhor
and despise a person for leaving
"Jehovah's organization" are not the
acts of someone who follows God.
The Watchtower Society's blatant
statements should raise a red-flag for all
Jehovah's Witnesses. By removing
haters of God (apostates) from the
presence of loyal followers, the
Watchtower Society is able to keep firm
control over their members to prevent
them from exposure to the doctrinal
error within the organization.
Through these strictly enforced
policies on hatred, Jehovah's Witnesses
are trapped in an organization which
deliberately demolishes the bond of
close knit families. Family members
who leave the organization are to be
hated in the truest sense, loathed and
despised by those who choose not to
expose themselves to the real truths
behind this multi-billion dollar cult.
According to the Society, it would be
acceptable to kill apostates, murdering
your own family member if it weren't
for the
"law of the land".
Jehovah's Witness are advised not
to have funerals for ones who have
been disfellowshipped, even if it is
a family member. If a loyal
Jehovah's Witness loses a family
member who has been
disfellowshipped , the Witness will
not even attend the funeral of their
own flesh and blood.
It is evident that the Watchtower Society has made a continual effort to prevent
loyal followers and their financial contributions from leaving the organization.
They have stopped at nothing to keep this religious cult together, regardless of who
they hurt in the process, committing some of the most outright hate incidents of all
time. Due to the increase of Internet websites exposing the truth about Jehovah's
Witnesses, Watchtower leaders are now forced to tighten the vice on the ever
dwindling members they have. Jehovah's Witnesses should expect to see the release
of many publications saturated with warnings on the dangers of the Internet and
so-called apostate materials, allowing no contact between them and those who
have left. For those disgusted by the Watchtower's teachings regarding hatred and
are sincerely interested in exposing the heinous crimes committed by the
Watchtower Society, there are many actions you can take.
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Jehovah's Witnesses erroneously
equate those who have left the
organization with persons who have
left God. This mentality is the product
of their leaders redefining of the word
apostate. The Watchtower Society
uses this as a general term to describe
all those who have left the
organization or those who have been
disfellowshipped (shunned) through
"bringing reproach" upon Jehovah's
organization. Although the
Watchtower Society defines the word
apostasy as
"a rebellion against
, this does not necessarily  
define those who have left the
Hatred & Disfellowshipping
Efforts are now being made to speak out on the hate incidents and other strictly
enforced policies within the Watchtower organization. High government officials are
now becoming involved with the disposal of these incidents within "Jehovah's
organization", recognizing the doors must be opened to expose this outright religious
abuse. On May 17, 2005, the subject of hatred and shunning in the Jehovah's Witness
religion was addressed by Rick and Inez Fearon (concept creators of Six Screens of
the Watchtower). Rick and his wife addressed Massachusetts congressman Steven F.
Lynch regarding the Watchtower Society and their dealings with child abuse within
the organization and how they were shunned for it:
Along with others, the Fearons were asked by the Congressman to submit
summaries of their experiences with Jehovah's Witness:
The letters above are being examined by Congressional aids and the final outcome
may lead to a Congressional hearing on abuse in religion. Further proof of Jehovah's
Witnesses hatred was observed in a Russian court in 2004. The court upheld a total
ban on religious activities of Jehovah's Witnesses within the city of Moscow.
Russian government prosecutors justified the enjoinder, claiming Jehovah's
Witnesses were a danger to society because they incited religious hatred, forced
families to disintegrate, and encouraged their members to refuse both medical
treatment and military service. Other countries, including Bulgaria and Uzbekistan  
are examining this destructive cult known as Jehovah's Witnesses.
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