"Who really is the faithful and discreet slave whom his master appointed over his
domestics, to give them their food at the proper time?..."
If you are one of Jehovah's
Witnesses, you are convinced that the identity of this
"faithful and discreet slave" is a
small and humble group of anointed men in Brooklyn New York. However, most
Jehovah's Witnesses do not recognize that the faithful and discreet slave actually make
up the entire anointed remnant of 144,000, and only eight to ten of these anointed
ones are chosen for the Governing Body (according to Watchtower dogma). The
Governing Body is a small group of men supposedly appointed by God who establish
the ruling council over the entire Watchtower organization, providing spiritual food
at the proper time. According to Watchtower dogma, these ones alone are able to
interpret the Bible, and loyal Jehovah's Witnesses deem it impossible to grasp the true
meaning of the Scriptures without guidance from them. Loyal adherents to the
Watchtower Society are convinced that all other organizations outside their own are
directed by Satan the Devil. In this massive elitist bubble, Jehovah's Witnesses display
extreme exclusiveness, considering themselves the only ones on earth who have the
"truth", a flag ship characteristic of all religious cults.
The Watchtower Society stands alone in their rendering of the term "faithful and
discreet slave". All other translations render the term "faithful and wise servant" or
"faithful and sensible slave". Why would the Watchtower Society render it
differently? The intent of the word "discreet" is what needs to be examined. By
altering the word "wise" or "sensible" to "discreet", the Watchtower Society is able to
pull off a level of secretiveness, appearing to have special knowledge from God that
is restricted to a small group. This particular spelling of the word is intentional to
imply an esoteric description of the men in Brooklyn. To the average Jehovah's
Witness, the Governing Body comprised from the faithful and discreet slave appear
to be untouchable or unworthy of their presence. Most Jehovah's Witnesses do not
even know the names of these men they are slavishly devoting their lives to, let alone
have a desire to meet them in person.
There is absolutely no evidence that Jesus was referring to the Watchtower
organization when he used this term "faithful and discreet slave", which lies as further
proof that the Watchtower Society takes scriptures out of context and twists them to
support their own teachings. Simply put, Jesus was using a parable to display contrast.
Jesus contrasts two possible ways that a disciple could carry out the task of being put
in charge of his master's household. Each servant has a choice to be "faithful" or
unfaithful (evil slave). Those who are faithful and wise will be rewarded, those who
are not will be punished. If a parent tells their teenager not to have a party when they
leave for vacation, the teenager has two approaches to behavior while their parents are
gone. They could be "faithful" and obey the command, or they could be "unfaithful"
and suffer the consequences. After examination of this, it is transparent that the
passages from the book of Matthew are not in reference to a "Governing Body" of
so-called anointed men in Brooklyn New York.
Although it is unknown to most Jehovah's Witnesses, Charles Taze Russell's Bible
Students originally referred to the term in its correct rendering "faithful and wise
servant". Charles Taze Russell (founding father of the Watchtower Society's
theological error) was once considered
the "faithful and wise servant":
This outright lie alone should make all loyal Jehovah's Witnesses question the so-called
authority of the Watchtower Society today. Is this really a truthful organization solely
directed by Jehovah? Examining the erroneous teachings from the Watchtower Society
will reiterate the fact that this organization claiming to have the "truth" does not. It is of
utmost importance to examine the shaky ground of the Watchtower Society that
Jehovah's Witnesses stand so firmly upon.
The verse shown here is what the
Watchtower Society utilizes to
loosely define the group of men who
provide the information coming from
Jehovah, to feed only to those within
the Watchtower organization. Was
Jesus actually referring to an
organization which was set up nearly
two millennia after he was on earth?
Does it seem reasonable that
Matthew who was not a prophet and
who's words were written for the
Jews, foreshadow an organization
started by Charles Taze Russell the
bona fide false prophet?
The Watchtower. 12/1/1916 pgs.356-386.
God's Kingdom of a Thousand Years Has Approached. 1973. pg.346.
However, in 1973, the Society concealed the evidence of this by denying
its existence:
Emphasis on the leaders instead of God is an outstanding cult tactic used by the
Watchtower Society. Watchtower leaders manipulate their followers into believing
that their faith is in Jehovah, when it is actually within the leaders themselves.
Reading the New World Translation, praying to Jehovah, and pure logic alone stand
no ground because all of Jehovah's Witnesses beliefs and decisions are based on the
ruling authority of the Watchtower Society. The Watchtower Society emphatically
claims the importance of the "faithful and discreet slave", and that only through them
can true followers come to God. Although Jehovah's Witnesses refute this fact, they
unknowingly prove it through their actions. Regardless as to how possessed a
Jehovah's Witness becomes in defending a certain teaching given by their leaders,
their entire belief system can change through just one Watchtower article, viewing it
as "proper food at the proper time". An outsider may ask,
"If their loyalty was strictly
to Jehovah and not men, why would they use the Society as a liaison in their
relationship with God?"
Because the Watchtower Society convinces their followers
that they will never be able to understand the Bible or have a relationship with God,
unless it is through them. Watchtower leaders instill the cult-like mentality that their
member's salvation has little to do with having a relationship with Jehovah. For
Jehovah's Witnesses, salvation is strictly based upon membership and participation
with the Watchtower organization itself.
2 Timothy 3:16. New World Translation.
Because this is the Watchtower
Society's most identified flag ship
scripture, Jehovah's Witnesses
utilize it as they presumptuously
profess to be the only true
Christians who use the Bible.
Although they agree with this
scripture, they actually do not
believe the latter part of it.
The Watchtower. 2/15/81.pg.19.
Matt.24:45-47. New World Translation
Jehovah's Witnesses really don't believe that they are "fully competent" and "completely
with the Bible alone. They believe they cannot understand the Scriptures
without the Watchtower Society and their publications, which is not what the verse states.
The Faithful & Discreet Slave
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