In the efforts to separate themselves from "Christendom", the Watchtower Society
denies the Trinity and the deity of Christ. Rejection of Jesus' identity is perhaps the
most cult-like doctrine of the Jehovah's Witnesses. The late Walter Martin
four degrees and a Doctorate from California Coast University in the field of Comparative
also known as "the father of Christian cult apologetics" in his well
renowned book "Kingdom of the Cults" stated:
"The Watchtower maintains that
Christ and His Father are 'not at all equal', which has been their boldest insult to
Christianity since Russell and Rutherford concocted and promoted the whole
nightmare. This type of unbelief where Christ's true deity is concerned has gladdened
the hearts of non-intellectuals the country over who find it easier to mock the Trinity
than to trust God's Word and His Son."
Kingdom of the  
Perhaps the most common of Jehovah's Witnesses arguments regarding the Trinity is
the fact that the word Trinity does not appear within the Bible. In no attempts to pop
the elitist bubble, but all true Christians recognize this. Jehovah's Witnesses use this
argument with elitist expectations of surprising an unsuspecting householder with
this well known fact. The fact is that the word Trinity does not appear within the
pages of the Bible because it is a Latin term meaning "three in the unity of one".
Using the fact that the actual word Trinity does not appear in the Bible is hardly solid
ground to stand so firmly on as Jehovah's Witnesses do. How many words or terms
has the Watchtower Society fabricated that are not in the Bible?
  • Paradise Earth
  • Theocratic
  • Progressive understanding
  • Organization
  • Pioneers
  • Invisible Presence
  • 1914
  • Disfellowshiping
  • Governing Body
Within the posthumous works of
Pastor Russell,  this statement
suggests that there is a Trinity taught
within the Bible. These were the last
writings from Russell, and the last
supportive reference to the Trinity
within Watchtower publications.
After Russell's death, Watchtower literature has
saturated the belief that the Trinity is a doctrine from
Satan and a fabrication from "Christendom".
The devious trick the Watchtower
Society uses here is obvious, we  call
it "The Sin of Omission".
(See Bag of Tricks) By suggesting that
the Trinity is a doctrine from Satan in
his attempts to prevent ones from
learning the truth about Jehovah and
Jesus, the Watchtower Society is
implying that they are not guilty of
this, even though they are.
In reality, the Watchtower Society's teachings are devious, and instrumented by Satan. By
denying what God has chosen to reveal to us in the Bible about his identity, the
Watchtower Society themselves are preventing ones from learning the real "truth" about
Jesus Christ and his deity. This is a common cult characteristic which is immanently
displayed throughout Watchtower history and literature.
  • Blood Transfusion
  • Circuit Overseer
  • God's Active Force
  • Respectful Observers
  • Kingdom Hall
  • New Light
  • Publisher
  • World Wide Work
  • Time Slips
Another common argument Jehovah's Witnesses use to support their anti-Trinitarian
views is that the Trinity appears irrational and they cannot understand it, therefore it is
not real. This is hardly concrete ground to base your belief system upon. There are so
many things in this world that we cannot understand which does not negate these things
as reality. Ron Carlson in his book
Fast Facts on False Teachings, refers to an
encounter with one of Jehovah's Witnesses regarding the Trinity. Ron asked the
"Do you fully understand Einstein's formulation, the basis of his theory of
relativity? Do you fully understand that?"
Ron continued: "If you tell a physics
professor at the University you understand it he will probably flunk you because he
does not understand it himself. But I can guarantee that if an atomic bomb went off
outside this building right now that you would have immediate, scientific verification
of this theory whether you understand it or not."
(Fast Facts on False Teachings. Ron
Carlson and Ed Decker. 1994)
Also, see New World Translation to view renowned cult
and false religion exposer Robert Porter explain John 1:1 and the deity of Christ.
Since the Watchtower Society does not have concrete grounds to reject the true identity
of Christ, what can they use as legitimate evidence? Has the Watchtower Society ever
misquoted the forefathers of Christianity to support their own teachings? Let's continue
on to find out.
Perhaps the most outstanding characteristic in identifying a cult is their lessening the
importance and true identity of Jesus Christ. Most religious cults try to differentiate
themselves from orthodox Christianity in the efforts to stand out, and the leaders instill
elitism or a "better than you" mentality within their members. The Watchtower Society
masterfully convinces their followers that they alone have the "truth" because their
teachings differ from that of "Christendom". Because the true deity of Christ is far
beyond our human thinking, the Watchtower Society abuses this fact to support their
own teachings. Jehovah's Witnesses are taught that the Trinity is too difficult to
comprehend, therefore it does not exist. For example, paradise earth is much easier for
a human to grasp than the thought of going to heaven. The Holy Spirit is much easier
to grasp by limiting its identity to an electrical charge, or an active force. The
Watchtower Society knows this crafty tactic works, and they do not hesitate to use it.
As you will see from the following evidence, the Watchtower Society intentionally
misleads their followers to prevent them from learning the real "truth" from the Bible.
This preventative measure helps to recruit and retain unsuspecting followers into the
greatest hoax in religious history.
Did Charles Taze Russell teach the trinity?
Studies in the Scriptures
Vol.7. The Finished Mystery.
But, the word Trinity is not in the Bible...
Charles Taze Russell, (founder of the Watchtower Society's
theological error) was known for his deviations from
orthodox Christianity. Russell was able to gain followers
through separating himself from what true Christianity was
teaching. This allowed himself to appear elite in his claim to
be the "faithful and wise servant". Although he thought the
Trinity taught by orthodox Christianity was
incomprehensible, he did inadvertently admit to the fact that
the Trinity resounds within the Bible.
But, the Trinity makes no sense, therefore it does not exist...
Let God Be True. pg.93.
  • Judicial Committee
  • Field Service
  • Theocratic Ministry
  • New World Order
  • New System of Things
  • Theocratic War Strategy
  • Worldly
One would ask then, if the Watchtower Society is indeed the sole channel of
communication dispensing God's truth on earth today, why would Jehovah allow
them to deliberately take the church father's words out of context? The answer is He
wouldn't. The Watchtower Society is not providing the truth from God, rather they
are fabricating false understandings of true Christianity to support their own ungodly
Throughout Watchtower history, the Society has printed many articles regarding their
rejection of the Trinity, through the use of misquoting the very forefathers of
Christianity. In the efforts to preserve true Christianity, the early church Fathers wrote
their interpretations of the identity of Christ. These church Fathers lived not too long
after Christ was on earth, almost 2,000 years before the Watchtower Society was set up
by Charles Taze Russell, a proven false prophet claiming to teach the real truths from
the Bible.
Tertullian was the very originator of the word Trinity. All of his writings
are clear that not only did he develop the word Trinity, but he spoke of it
in all of his writings. Here is just one excerpt from Tertullian in support
of the Trinity:
Should You Believe In The Trinity? pg.4.
  • Here is what the Encyclopedia Americana actually said:
  • Here is what the Watchtower Society says:
  • Here is what the
    Watchtower Society says:
As unbelievable as it may be,
the Watchtower Society has
actually taught that the church
fathers did not support the
Trinity. The only truth within
this article is that the
"so-called"  Watchtower
Society lied to support their
own foolishness.
The article further suggests that
Tertullian (the very originator of
the term Trinity) did not support
the doctrine. Tertullian's words :
"The Father is different from the
Son, as he is greater"
were taken
out of context entirely. Trinitarians
recognize that the Father is greater
than the Son and that they are
distinct. But this does not negate
the fact that they are the same.
After examination of the above Watchtower article and the lies within it,
would God really direct an organization who tries to support their own
shaky doctrines by misinterpreting others? Surely not!
The Watchtower Society recognized
their ridiculous claims that the
church fathers did not support the
Trinity. Some 40 years later, they
received "new light" regarding
Tertullian and how he was the first
to apply the Latin word "Trinity".
(See: New Light) This being the
case, it is absolutely ridiculous to
originally suggest that Tertullian
didn't support the doctrine. As you
will see shortly, this was not the
only misquote that the Watchtower
has fabricated to support their
rejections of Christ's true identity.
In the efforts to support their anti-Trinitarian
teachings, the Watchtower Society released
the booklet "Should You Believe in the
Trinity?" The only truth within this
publication is that the information within it is
false and misleading. Through deliberate
misinterpretations and quotes taken so far
out of context, Jehovah's Witnesses actually
believe this 31 page book is viable
documentation that the Trinity doctrine is
false. The following information will attest
to why the Watchtower Society did not
provide page numbers for the quotes they
used within the booklet. Here a just a few of
the numerous misquotations within this
erroneous publication.
The Encyclopedia Americana. Volume 116
  • Here is what The New
    Encyclopedia Britannica
    actually says:
The Watchtower Society once again
tries to indicate that the very originator
of the term Trinity (Tertullian) did not
support the doctrine.
Should You Believe In The Trinity? pg.7.
As mentioned earlier, just because
Trinitarians recognize that the
Father is greater than the Son, does
not negate that they are both God,
as indicated by all the writings of
the church fathers.
The New Encyclopedia
Ante-Nicene Fathers. Volume 3. pg. 600.
The other half of the quote that the
Watchtower Society so erroneously
pieced together is located on page
629 of the same Ante-Nicene Fathers
publication. By reading further than
the quote, it is transparent that the
Word (Jesus) has had eternal
existence alongside God.
Ante-Nicene Fathers. Volume 3. pg 629.
As if the above misquotes were not enough, this booklet published by the
Watchtower Society contains many more misinterpretations, and quotes taken
entirely out of context. One can absolutely conclude that the Watchtower Society
has absolutely no solid evidence to deny the deity of Christ. Since Jehovah's
Witnesses claim to teach the truths from the Bible, what scriptural grounds do they
use in support of their rejection of this doctrine? Let's continue to find out.
The Watchtower. 5/15/
Ante-Nicene Fathers. Volume 4.
Has the Watchtower Society ever misquoted
others to support their teachings?
The quote the Watchtower states was from Tertullian was actually not.
"There was a time when the Son was not..." was actually said by another
scholar in his writings about Tertullian, containing no evidence of him
denying the Trinity.
Ante-Nicene Fathers. Volumes 1-10.
Should You Believe In The Trinity? pg.6
Notice the Encyclopedia
recognizes the New
"established the
basis for the trinity."
This is how the Watchtower Society explains the erroneous translation of this verse
"properly rendered in the perfect indefinite tense." (New World Translation of the
The truth is there is no such term, the phony translators of the
New World Translation fabricated a non-existent grammatical term to cover up their
erroneous rendering.
In the cult-like attempts to deviate from true Christianity, the Watchtower Society
teaches that Michael the archangel was Jehovah's first creation, then he ceased to be
Michael when he became a perfect man for 33 years (Jesus). After his death on the
"torture stake" he was resurrected and became Michael the archangel again (even
though Jesus returned invisibly in 1914, or was it 1874?) Anyway, although there are
five verses which mention Michael the archangel in the Holy Bible and the New World
Translation, none of these verses declare him to be Jesus. In Daniel 10:13 Michael is
referred to as
"one of the foremost princes". However, in Revelation 19:16, Jesus is
referred to as
"King of kings". Is a King not above a Prince? Jude 9 mentions that an
archangel dare not bring accusation against the Devil. However, as we all know Jesus
indeed rebuked the Devil when he said
"Go away, Satan!" (Matt.4:10) How could
Jesus rebuke the Devil but Michael could not? These scriptures alone are transparent
evidence that Jesus is not Michael the archangel, he is indeed superior to the angels,
and angels do not worship other angels, they worship God. (Hebrews 1:6) The only
reason the Watchtower Society teaches this is to lessen the importance of Christ and
his true deity. This is a true sign of false religion.
Jehovah's Witnesses agree with the fact
that Jehovah God is the Alpha and the
Omega, or the First and the Last. The
Watchtower Society trains them to use
these particular verses in Revelation to
prove that Jehovah is the Alpha and Omega.
Through the strong rejections of
Christ's identity as God, the
Watchtower Society negates to
refer to this verse identifying
Jesus as God. Since Jehovah is the
First and the Last (Alpha and
Omega) when did he die, as this
verse so indicates? Jehovah did
not die, but Jesus did, a solid
validation that Jesus Christ came
to earth as God in the flesh.
Revelation 1:17,18. New World Translation.
Revelation 1:8 and 21:6. New World Translation.
In the correctly rendered passage
from John, Jesus reveals himself to
be eternally existent. The
Watchtower Society has deliberately
"I Am" to "I have been". By
erroneously translating the verse this
way indicates that Jesus had simply
existed for a long time. Jehovah's
Witnesses limit Jesus existence to a
mere man, originally existing as
Michael the archangel, which we will
discuss shortly.
John 8:58. New World Translation.
The Watchtower. 8/15/
The Watchtower. 8/15/
After examination of these facts, it is difficult to put credence into anything the
Watchtower Society professes. Through misquoting and altering Biblical truths to
support the rejection of Christ's true deity, one can clearly see the Watchtower Society
has no concrete ground to support these cult-like teachings. The Watchtower Society
makes continuous attempts to mislead their followers and prevent them from learning
the real "truth" from the Bible. This preventative measure helps to recruit and retain
unsuspecting followers into the greatest hoax in religious history.
The Deity of Christ
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