The apocalyptic doctrine of the "last days" is extremely prevalent with all cults. Cult
leaders constantly embed warnings of the impending arrival of Armageddon to recruit
and retain loyal followers along with their financial contributions. Out of fear,
members are trapped into believing that their own salvation is based upon their
membership with the organization of which they associate. The Watchtower Society is
known for this apocalyptic doctrine, and has been utilizing it for financial gain for over
a hundred years. The dreaded fear of Armageddon imposed upon Jehovah's Witnesses
obviously works; therefore, the Watchtower Society constantly uses it to their
advantage. Far beyond the falsely predicted dates, the Watchtower Society continually
maintains the idea that Armageddon is just right around the corner, in the efforts to
keep members in the organization. From the following evidence one can conclude that
the Watchtower Society uses Armageddon as a masterful and effective instrument to
recruit and retain loyal followers into the greatest hoax in religious history.
"Reasoning from the Scriptures". 1989
Jehovah's Witnesses are trained to believe they are
the only true servants of God on earth. As the
Reasoning from the Scriptures book tells us,
"global action" by the opposition (non-Jehovah's
Witnesses) will be against God's chosen (Jehovah's
Witnesses), and this will be what finally triggers the
battle of Armageddon.
Revelation 16:16. New World Translation
This article from the
Watchtower magazine
reiterates that the only way
to survive Armageddon is
to come to Jehovah's
organization (the
Watchtower Society).There
are thousands of references
in the Society's publications
to this very topic with the
intent to instill fear into
their loyal followers.
The Watchtower". 11/15/
Although the term Armageddon or
Har-Mageddon is only mentioned in
the Bible and the New World
Translation once, the Watchtower
Society cites thousands of references
to it within their publications to
scare loyal members into staying.
The term Armageddon is actually a
figurative term for the scene of the
final battle between the forces of
good and evil, not God's day to
destroy everyone who is not one of
Jehovah's Witnesses.
This is the exact cult-like teaching from the
Watchtower Society that instills an elitist attitude
into their followers, shunning anyone who is not
one of them, or anyone who has left the
organization. The Witnesses eagerly anticipate
the arrival of Armageddon to satisfy their "I told
you so" mentality.
No doubt the Watchtower Society's continuous warnings of sticking close to
"Jehovah's organization" have proven effective. But why do Jehovah's Witnesses
listen to these warnings? Has the Watchtower Society ever claimed they are modern
day prophets?
The Watchtower. 8/15/1953.pgs.19-20.
According to the Holy Bible and
the New World Translation, any
prophet that speaks in the name
of Jehovah, and the word does
not come true, the word is not
Jehovah's. However, the
Watchtower Society claims that
they are not false prophets
because they have never said that
they speak in the name of
Jehovah. Is this true?
New World Translation. Deuteronomy 18:20-22.
Studies in the
Scriptures. Volume 2.
The Time is at hand.
Studies in the
Scriptures. Vol.7.
The Finished
Mystery. pg.485.
Awake! 10/8/68. pg.23.
In 1889:
In 1917:
In 1941:
In 1968:
As you can see, Watchtower history proves that they are indeed false prophets.
Particularly the year 1975, which has and always will strike an overwhelming amount of
controversy in the world of Jehovah's Witnesses. Mainly because loyal Jehovah's
Witnesses refuse to admit that the Watchtower Society ever predicted the end to come in
1975. However, the irrefutable evidence surrounding this pinpointed date is astounding.
We encourage you to listen to the following talk given by Circuit Overseer Br. Sunutko.
This talk entitled :
"Serving With Everlasting Life In View", was given in 1967 at a
Circuit Assembly in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.
The Watchtower. 8/15/68.
Awake!. 10/8/68.
The Watchtower  
On the contrary, the Watchtower Society has made countless references and outright
admittances in defining themselves as prophets. And a prophet literally means
inspired preacher"
or "someone who speaks for God under divine guidance". The truth
is that the Watchtower Society has always claimed to be Jehovah's mouthpiece.
Here are just a few of the countless
references to Jehovah's Witnesses
claiming to be modern day prophets:
The Watchtower.4/1/72.
The Watchtower.6/8/
In 1931:
In 1920:
Millions Now Living
Will Never Die. 1920.
From Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained
Although the term "organization" or "organized" is mentioned within Watchtower
publications over 16,000 times (and ever growing), the word "organization" does
not appear in the Bible or the New World Translation even once. For decades the
Watchtower Society has eluded to the belief that only Jehovah's Witnesses (those
within the "organization") will survive Armageddon. Although the Witnesses deny
this, the evidence is overwhelming.
From just the two examples above, it is transparently obvious that the Watchtower
Society claims to be Jehovah's mouthpiece. If this is true, one can assume that the
Watchtower Society has a correct interpretation as to when the end will come, right?
On the contrary. The following evidence is proof that the Watchtower Society has
outrightly stated when Armageddon would occur, over and over and over......
As seen above, the Watchtower Society actually stated that they "have not the gift of
when they have indeed referred to themselves as "modern day prophets".
How can they not have the gift of prophesy yet be modern day prophets? Further, is it
possible to be an uninspired prophet? Clearly not! This was a deliberate attempt for the
Society to appear as though they had never predicted when Jehovah's day would arrive,
and for them to have in print that they have never claimed to have the gift of prophesy.
Now it is discernible as to why the Watchtower Society does not want loyal followers
to access older publications because the real "truth" shall set them free.
And as for predicting dates for the end?
Apparently Witnesses were cautioned
against doing this. How can the Society
expect their followers to not be swept up
by dates and expectations, when they are
constantly feeding it to them in their
Jehovah's Witnesses Proclaimers of
God's Kingdom. pg.104
Because Jehovah's Witnesses are
known for false prophesies and
contradicting doctrines
(which they
refer to as new light)
, the
Watchtower Society was forced to
construct a defense mechanism for
their followers. Through the use of
a clever psychological trick, the
Watchtower openly admits that they
have never claimed infallibility,
which is technically true. Although
the Society has never used the word
"inspired" to describe themselves
and they have openly admitted that
they are not infallible, the fact is
that they have always claimed to be
Jehovah's mouthpiece.
The Way to Paradise.1925.pgs.228-229.
Joseph Rutherford
The myriads of false predictions within Watchtower's history serve as transparent
evidence that the Society utilizes the apocalyptic doctrine to recruit and retain
members. Whether it be false predictions or outright lies, Jehovah's Witnesses must
recognize that the Watchtower Society's teachings do contradict and completely
extinguish previous viewpoints. Falsely defining these adjustments as "new light" or
"progressive understanding" is the excuse the Society uses to reiterate the necessity
of themselves to loyal followers, in turn generating more revenue into this
multi-billion dollar corporation.
Awake! 3/22/
Jehovah's Witnesses do not speak
much of the immediate events
following Armageddon. After all,
they do realize the survivors will
have the "privilege" of cleaning
up the dead carcasses and
crumbled ruins of "Christendom"
before the earth can be
transformed into a perfect
subtropical paradise.
Although it is unknown to modern day Jehovah's Witnesses, Jehovah let Joseph
Rutherford (second President of the Watchtower Society) know exactly what
paradise earth would be like as seen in his publication
The Way to Paradise:
Like today, the apocalyptic doctrine of the last days was extremely prevalent within the
Watchtower organization during Joseph Rutherford's presidency. Rutherford
unhesitatingly and emphatically forced Jehovah's Witnesses to believe that Armageddon
was just right around the corner. He continually discouraged loyal followers from
getting married or having children because Armageddon was claimed to be so near. Let's
listen to the following audio clip to reiterate this fact:
From this lesson we have concluded two facts. First, Jehovah's Witnesses claim to be
modern day prophets. Secondly, the Watchtower Society has indeed pinpointed to
various dates and time frames as to when Armageddon would occur. Due to these false
predictions, the Watchtower Society had to change some of their doctrines. The
Society refers to this as "new light". We refer to it as "covering their tracks". A wise
man once said
"If you lie once, you have to keep lying to cover up the first one."
& False Prophesy
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