In the efforts to conceal the real truth, the Watchtower Society is notorious for their
whitewashed versions regarding the origins of their own teachings. An outstanding
example of this concealment is the doctrine concerning the year 1914. For many years
the sum total of the Watchtower Society's religious ideology has rested on the year
1914. This very year has played a vital role in the supposed "good news" in which
Jehovah's Witnesses preach. Jehovah's Witnesses have lived their lives around 1914,
most unclear as to how this date was established in the first place. However, the
flip-flop teachings regarding Jesus invisible presence, the establishment of his
Kingdom and the end of this system leave many questions unanswered. In recent years,
the Watchtower Society has made numerous changes concerning 1914 and the
"generation" involved with this year, slowly but surely removing the doctrine entirely.
If this doctrine is totally annihilated, one thing will remain transparent. The 1914
doctrine like many other doctrines from the Watchtower Society do not originate with
God, rather a small group of men interested in their own financial gain.
In 1897, Russell expressed the importance of
pyramidology in Volume 3 of his Studies in the
Scriptures books "Thy Kingdom Come".
Russell taught that the Great Pyramid was the
"Divine Plan of the Ages in Stone". After
personally measuring various chambers and
passageways within the Pyramid, Russell
considered relationships of involved
combinations of numbers as being particularly
significant. He felt that these numbers were
included in the Pyramid's dimensions revealing
God's plan for the world's salvation.
In the 1889 edition of  "Thy Kingdom Come", Russell
taught that the Great Pyramid proves that the world 's
greatest trouble was due to begin in 1874:
"Thy Kingdom Come". 1891. pg.342
"Thy Kingdom Come". 1889. pg.342
Russell measuring The Great Pyramid
The Great Pyramid of Giza
"Thy Kingdom Come" Vol.3
Studies in the Scriptures.
"The Harp of God" 1921. pg.235
"The Harp of God"
In the 1920's, (after Russell's death) the Watchtower magazine continued to teach that
the Great Pyramid was God's Stone Witness.
"The Great Pyramid of Egypt, standing as a
silent and inanimate witness of the Lord, is a messenger; and its testimony speaks with
great eloquence concerning the divine plan."
(The Watchtower. 5/15/25.pg148).
However, in the efforts to deviate from Russell's teachings and gain more recruits,
Joseph Rutherford (second President of the Watchtower) completely rejected Russell's
views on the Great Pyramid. Rutherford changed this occultic teaching regarding the
"It is more reasonable to conclude that the great pyramid of Gizeh, as well as
the other pyramids thereabout, also the sphinx, were built by the rulers of Egypt and
under the direction of Satan the Devil....Then Satan put his knowledge in dead stone,
which may be called Satan's Bible, and not God's stone witness..."
Watchtower11/15/28. pgs.341-344
) So, does this mean for nearly fifty years that Jehovah
himself allowed Satanic teachings to saturate Watchtower literature that claimed to be
through Him?
Although this information is concealed
by the Watchtower Society, the facts
prove that the year 1914 is just one of
Russell's falsely predicted dates identified
by the measurements from the Great
Pyramid of Giza. Pyramidology is an
occult practice used to conclude
prophetic years by measuring the
Pyramids. Charles Taze Russell
(founding father of the Watchtower's
theological error) came to accept this
occult practice and was inspired to travel
to Egypt and measure the Great Pyramid.
Russell believed that this Pyramid
contained many interesting geometric and
mathematical properties. A key element
in the study of pyramidology is the
Pyramid inch. One Pyramid inch is equal
to one prophetic year. Russell believed
the Pyramid to be
"God's Stone Witness".
(See Screen:3 Pyramidology)
After Russell's death in
1916, The Watchtower
Society published "The
Harp of God" a book
which includes an
explanation of Christ's
return. Apparently there is
a difference between the
"time of the end" and the
"presence of the Lord".
This publication states that
the year 1799 marked
time of the end"
and 1874
marked the time of the
"Lord's second presence".
So, which year did Christ's invisible return take place? Which year was the "beginning
of the end", 1799 or 1874? Which year was Armageddon going to occur, in 1914 or
1915? Does the Watchtower Society currently teach that all of these events took place
within the same year? Is that year 1914? Or is 1914 the beginning of the "time of
trouble"? With all this confusion, it is no wonder why the Society was forced to
randomly pick one of these dates to settle confusion and continue their illogical
teachings. In the attempts to deviate from the occultic origins regarding the 1914
doctrine, the Watchtower Society was forced to fabricate evidence that 1914 was the
year in which Jesus returned invisibly. Although Russell concluded the date 1914
through the measuring of the Pyramids, the Watchtower Society ran with it because it
was timely, and the more they could convince people that Armageddon was near the
more money they could make. Jehovah's Witnesses believe the historical events that
took place in the year 1914 establish that this was still the date that Jesus returned
invisibly. Not knowing the real history of the Watchtower, Jehovah's Witnesses rest
their entire belief system upon the invisible.
(See: Bag of Tricks: Invisible Burden of Proof)
In the 1891 revision of this same
publication, Russell taught that the
Pyramid measurements conclude that
this time of trouble was due to begin
in 1915. The actual measurements
are 3384.904 inches. Russell was
incorrect in his measurements by 31
inches, then he was off by 72 inches.
"The Time is at Hand".1889.pgs.99,101.
"The Time is at Hand"1889 revision.pgs.99,101.
In this publication, Russell
boldly states that it is
"established truth" that the
Kingdom of God will be fully
established at the end of
In the revision of the same
publication, Russell states
that it is
"established truth"
that the Kingdom of God will
be fully established at the end
1915. From these two
publications the only
"established truth" is that
Russell's writings were not
directed by God.
As we reviewed from an earlier publication (Thy Kingdom Come), the year 1874
marked the beginning of
"the time of trouble". However, the publication above states
that the year 1874 marked the date of the
"Lord's presence". Were we not reminded from
the publication above that these two events should be differentiated and that we must
"confuse" them? According to their own teachings, how could these two different
events take place in the same year? How could anyone not be confused by this false
doctrinal ping-pong?
But what other evidence could they use to support such an urgent doctrine? The
Society interprets the "seven times" mentioned in Daniel 4:16 as seven Biblical years
(one day = one year. 7 X 360 = 2,520). Contrary to most Biblical scholars, the
Watchtower Society teaches that Jerusalem was destroyed in 607 B.C., not in 587
B.C. This year was fabricated to suggest that 2,520 (or "seven times"in the book of
Daniel) years had past since then to the year 1914. There is nothing in Daniel 4:16
that gives evidence of the Messianic Kingdom as the Watchtower Society claims. This
fabricated or "make believe" evidence is how the Society supports the doctrine of
1914, completely alleviating any evidence to the fact that this date was concluded by
Russell in his measurements from the Great Pyramid of Giza. Now that we have
established the shaky 1914 doctrine and its occult history, let's continue to learn
about the "generation" spoken of in reference to this date.
For many years the Society referred to
the generation as those who were alive
with understanding in 1914. Therefore,
Jehovah's Witnesses believed Jesus was
not referring to babies born in 1914, but
only to those old enough to understand
his invisible return.
"You Can Live Forever in
Paradise on Earth" pg.154
In the 1990's, the Society was
running into some major doctrinal
problems regarding 1914. In the
efforts to keep followers, the urgency
of Armageddon had to remain
eminent, but they also realized that
all of those from the 1914 generation
were dying off. The Society then
generalized the definition of
"generation" to
all who recognize
that Christ returned invisibly and that
the beginning of the end began in
"The Watchtower". 11/1/95. pg 19
What exactly is this "generation" the Watchtower Society referred to for so many
years? Although there have been major adjustments in recent years regarding this
teaching, it is obvious the Watchtower Society has only utilized it to maintain the
urgency of Armageddon. The Society ran with the idea that Jesus reference of the
"generation" in Matthew 24:34 was regarding any who came from the generation of
1914. It was easy for Jehovah's Witnesses to accept this because for so many years
nearly every Watchtower article and publication spoke of this pivotal date and the
generation that goes along with it. The urgency of this fabricated doctrine obviously
worked to recruit and retain members and their financial contributions.
So, let's clear this up.
  • Through Charles Taze Russell's doctrinal ping-pong, Armageddon was supposed to
    occur in the year 1874, later changing the date to 1914.
  • When 1914 came and went, Russell referred to 1914 as the "beginning of the time
    of trouble", and Christ's return was now considered invisible.
  • After Russell's death, the Watchtower Society ran with this date, using the major
    historical events that had taken place in this year as proof that Russell was correct
    in his calculations.
  • The Society referred to this "generation" (Matt.24:34) as those who were teenagers
    living in 1914 and that they would not pass away before the end comes.
  • Then the Society added to this "generation" by incorporating all those who were
    born in 1914; no longer limiting this generation to those who were old enough to
    understand it.
  • Then, the Society changed it to all those who at least understand that Jesus came
    invisibly in 1914.
  • Next, the Society will never refer to this generation ever again.
The Creator's promise that the new world will arrive
before this 1914 generation passes away:
The Creator's promise that the new world will replace
the present wicked system of things:
However, in the 1980's the Watchtower Society realized most from that 1914 generation
were dying off. The Society then altered the doctrine and the generation, now referring to
anyone who was living or
born in the year 1914. With the addition of babies born in the
year 1914, the Society gained another decade or so with this ever changing doctrine.
"You can Live Forever in
Paradise on Earth" pg.154
Awake! Old masthead. Ended 10/22/
Awake! New masthead. Started 11/8/
The Watchtower magazines from 1984.
The flip-flop history and occult background of the 1914 doctrine should verify that
this information was not "proper food" from Jehovah God. With confusing
reinterpretations of Christ's second return and the
"beginning of the end", it would be
completely logical to say that the very foundation of Jehovah's Witnesses teachings
are based on theological errors, not the word of God. The Watchtower Society's
unclear teachings originate with a flickering bulb of false and shaky doctrines.
For many years Jehovah's Witnesses recognized that it was the Creator's promise to
bring a new world before the generation of 1914 passed away. Because of the firm grasp
from the Watchtower Society, Jehovah's Witnesses cannot see that God Himself would
never allow this to be the understanding then entirely change it to something else. This is
not progressive understanding from God, it is a deliberate alteration of doctrine created
by the Watchtower Society to keep members and their financial contributions. Although
most Jehovah's Witnesses went along with this doctrinal change, thousands left knowing
that the Watchtower Society (like all other religious cults) claim to be God's chosen
organization when they are not. What urgent Armageddon doctrine will the Society
come up with next to keep loyal followers and their financial contributions?