The year 1935 and this third hope that Rutherford fabricated was clearly not divine truth
from Jehovah. If it were, Charles Taze Russell would have taught this as well. These
facts are more proof that the Watchtower Society's teachings rest on ungodly ground.
Contrary to the Bible and the New World Translation, Jehovah's
Witnesses believe there are three destinies for people on earth today. A
limited number of 144,000 Jehovah's Witnesses will be in heaven,
everlasting life on a prospective paradise earth for the rest of Jehovah's
Witnesses, and permanent death for all others who are not Jehovah's
Witnesses or show no interest in becoming one. Because these teachings
entirely contrast orthodox Christianity, many outsiders are often
perplexed as to why Jehovah's Witnesses believe such a limited number
will be in heaven. As the following evidence is examined, it will be clear
that the Bible contains no evidence for this Watchtower teaching. Like
all Watchtower dogma, the following doctrine is a non-Biblical
fabrication contributing to the greatest hoax in religious history.
Studies in the Scriptures. Vol.7. pg.64
Acts 2:41.New World Translation.
Although the Holy Bible and the
New World Translation contain
over thirty-one thousand scriptures,
there are only two places where the
actual number 144,000 can be
(Revelation 7:4, Revelation
Jehovah's Witnesses are
taught that "144,000" should be
taken as a literal number for those
who will be in heaven.
The fact is clear that the Watchtower
Society's teaching regarding the
144,000 is not only intellectually
and theologically challenged, but
mathematically. Christianity came
into existence in the first century and
as Biblically mentioned, there were
thousands of Christians then, which
at that time alone was a lot more
than only 144,000.
Jehovah's Witnesses commemorate Christ's death by observing the Lord's Evening
Meal (Memorial) each year on Nisan 14 of the Jewish calendar. This annual
celebration is a morbidly mysterious night out for Jehovah's Witnesses. Not only are
the Witnesses "commanded to attend", "respectful observers" eagerly anticipate
prospective "partakers" in the hopes of having a hot topic to discuss in field service
the following week. During this quasi-Christian ceremony, unleavened bread and
unadulterated wine are passed around the congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses
worldwide. Those who are part of the heavenly class (144,000) are the only ones who
partake of the symbolic emblems. Although non-Jehovah's Witnesses are also invited
to attend, they are typically perplexed by the fact that so few partake of these symbolic
emblems, since Jesus Christ told everyone it was necessary to partake. In essence,
through passing the bread and wine to the next person and refusing to partake, these
"respectful observers" are rejecting Christ, ultimately proving they are on Satan's side.
With these points in mind, let's listen in on a Sunday Watchtower lesson
regarding this anointed class and their partaking of the emblems. Take notice of
the demeaning comments toward those who profess to be of the heavenly class.
The Watchtower. 3/1/85.pg14.
Revelation 7:5-8. New World Translation.
So, why did the Society change Russell's
original beliefs? The Watchtower Society
explains to us that Joseph Rutherford
(second President of the Watchtower
Society) received this
"revelation of
divine truth"
. But was this information
really from Jehovah? Would Jehovah
really change these dates to confuse His
followers? Since Jehovah's Witnesses
claim to base all of their teachings on
God's Word, where in the Bible will you
find that the heavenly calling ended in
1935? Search as you may, you won't find
it in the Bible or the New World
Translation, because this supposed new
light is not from God. So, who is it from?
The Watchtower Society are masters at
covering their tracks for contradicting
doctrines. In recognition of the fact
that there will always be Watchtower
members partaking of the emblems at
the Memorial (which will and always
has exceeded 144,000), the Society
had to alter their teaching. Jehovah's
Witnesses are taught that some who
partake now could be replacements. In
other words, anyone part of this
144,000 who has left the Watchtower
organization is considered bad and
needs to be replaced. The Watchtower
Society also subtly suggests to their
followers that those who profess to be
anointed may be suffering from mental
illness or they are partaking only
because they want to. This in itself is
enough to prove the ludicrous and
non-Biblical teachings from the
Watchtower Society. Although
Jehovah's Witnesses profess to be true
Christians, they are missing the mark
entirely. Everyone has been given the
opportunity to reside with Christ in
heaven as indicated in God's Word, not
the word of the Watchtower Society.
Revelation 7:4. New World Translation.
As time moves on, more and more loyal
Jehovah's Witnesses will refute those who
profess to be anointed. Sadly, their leaders
are preventing them from learning the real
truth from God's Word which indicates
that all humans have been given the
opportunity to go to heaven. The
Watchtower Society will continue to
deprive their members from having a real
relationship with God as outlined in the
New Testament for all Christians, not just
for 144,000 Jehovah's Witnesses. This is
the preventative measure taken to ensure
that all of the Watchtower Society's loyal
followers stick with the organization
instead of learning real Christianity.
The verse states "every tribe of the sons of Israel" and the Watchtower Society teaches
that these tribes are symbolic; however, the 144,000 is a literal number drawn from
among these tribes.
This audio clip was recorded at the Kingdom Hall of
Jehovah's Witnesses in Wilmington, Ma., featuring the
Tewksbury Congregation. Due to the "Brother" adjusting
his microphone, the introductory portion of this audio clip
is scuffled, so feel free to fast forward.
With the additions that Jehovah's Witnesses believe to be of the anointed class, the
number is far more than what they are limiting it to. Since the first century, millions of
people have excepted true Christianity and have
"stored up there treasures in heaven".
(Matthew 6:19-21)
Considering the Watchtower Society did not exist until the late 1800's
and that they believe only those within the Watchtower organization can be so-called
"anointed" proves that Jehovah's Witnesses presumptuously suggest few have followed
Jesus teachings and became real Christians in the two-thousand years since Jesus'
ministry on earth. These facts alone should leave many questions unanswered with
Jehovah's Witnesses regarding the organization they slavishly devote their lives to.
It is obvious that this Watchtower teaching rests on a bed of contradictions. The Society
supports this limited number through teaching that the heavenly calling for the anointed
ones stopped in the year 1935. Jehovah's Witnesses believe that in this year God began a
secondary class of believers, known as the great crowd, who's hope would be to live
forever, not in heaven, but on a paradise earth. Because Jehovah's Witnesses still
recognize Charles Taze Russell (founding father of the Watchtower Society) as one of
the 144,000, they would be interested to know that Russell taught this heavenly calling
ended in 1881, later teaching it ended in 1921.
Watchtower study article.
2/15/03. pg.17.
Judge Joseph Rutherford
Rick Fearon and his wife Inez (concept creators of "the Six Screens of the
, attended the Tewksbury congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses of which
you have just heard in the Watchtower lesson. As you may have read, Rick and his
wife had been associated with the Watchtower organization as part of the anointed
class. Sadly, many of the fellow "Brothers and Sisters" demeaned Rick and Inez for
their beliefs, claiming they were boasting about their positions in heaven. These
comments are the result of the Watchtower Society's anti-Christian teachings that
only 144,000 can be heaven. At the time of this Watchtower lesson in 2003, Rick and
his wife were starting to loosen from the tentacles of the Watchtower.
(Hence, Rick's
comments regarding Charles Taze Russell's Studies in the Scriptures publications, books
that the Watchtower Society now completely disregard.)
In studying the Holy Bible,
Rick and his wife began to question many of the Watchtower Society's teachings
regarding the 144,000 and the Memorial celebration:
In the efforts to gain recruits and their financial contributions,
Rutherford pushed the teaching that only 144,000 people
would be in heaven; therefore, it would be to everyone's best
interest to join the organization at that time, since the
numbers were adding up quickly. Rutherford then had to
concoct a hope for all the extra people. At a 1935 District
Convention in Washington D.C., Rutherford declared:
Great Multitude is here."
All in attendance began to look
around at each other wondering what he was referring to.
"How many don't want to be in heaven and have not yet been
, asked Rutherford. A total of 319 people stood up
as Rutherford declared :
"The time has come to close the
doors for the 144,000."
(See Screen 1: Paradise Earth)
The verses following verse 4 of the same chapter
in Revelation refer to the twelve tribes. Although
Jehovah's Witnesses insist that the numbers
within these verses are literal, they believe the
tribes themselves are symbolic. But if this is true,
then the twelve numbers of the twelve symbolical
tribes must add up to a total that is also symbolic,
despite the Watchtower Society's claim. Not
surprisingly, the Society's interpretation leads to a
contradiction. Although Jehovah's Witnesses
recognize the book of Revelation as symbolic,
they believe these numbers are to be taken
literally simply because the Society is telling them
that they are. God's Word is not meant to be read
in a pick and choose fashion, making man made
decisions as to which part of the verse should be
symbolic and which part should be literal.
Rev. 7:4.
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